Glass Bottles

BPA-Free Glass Bottles

As part of our commitment to quality and purity, we always package your e-liquids in glass, never plastic, which may leach chemicals into your e-liquid. We made the choice to package in glass due to concerns about BPA, also known as bisphenol A. BPA is a hormone disruptor that has been banned from use in baby bottles and other baby items because of concerns about neurological effects and effects on infant brain development. BPA is also linked to a wide variety of health effects in adults including obesity, disruption of thyroid function, cancer, disruption of the reproductive system and sexual dysfunction.

While research continues, we chose to package in glass to avoid any potential exposure for our customers. 

Read our in depth article, A Vaper's Guide to Avoiding BPA, to learn more about BPA and vaping, how to select a safer e-cigarette model, how to store e-liquid to avoid leaching BPA and the top tricks and tips to reduce your BPA exposure when you vape and in your daily life.

REGULATORY UPDATE FOR THE EUROPEAN UNION: Recent changes to the law in the European Union have outlawed packaging e-liquid in glass. Because of this, we are forced to package e-liquids that we manufacture specifically for our distributors in the EU in plastic bottles. This exception only applies to e-liquids you will find for sale in the EU as required by law. All of our e-liquids manufactured and sold in the United States or on our website continue to be packaged in glass.