WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Rubi Pod System Electronic Cigarette: The Unboxing Experience

Take a peek inside the box of the Rubi Pod so you know exactly what this unit comes with.

Your Rubi Pod Starter Kit comes packaged in a thin white box.

The back of the box lets you know that the Rubi is sold by Kandy Pens, Inc., which is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The box also says that the Rubi was designed in Santa Barbara but is manufactured in the People's Republic of China.

Slide the box out and open to get your first glimpse of your new Rubi!

Included in the box is a 1 mL pod featuring a ceramic coil, one rechargeable lithium ion battery, one micro-USB charging cable and an instruction card. We'll show you a close up of each of these items below.

Keep a close eye out for the small plastic baggie that contains a black plastic plug. You're going to need that to close your tank after you fill it!

As with most starter kits, you only receive one rechargeable battery. The Rubi has decent battery life given its size, however, if you plan to be out and about or you vape a lot, you may want to purchase a second kit so that you have a back up battery on hand.

The included cartridge is a bit different than standard coil/tank systems in that it features both the coil and the tank in a single unit. The black plastic plug fits into the small hole on the side of the cartridge after you fill it with vape juice. Unquestionably, refilling this unit is fiddly! The hole is small and the plug is easily lost. This is a drawback to this model. However, it is the best flavor producer we've come across so, for some, this will be a trade off worth making.

Also note that the pod comes with a couple of silicone parts. One is a small silicone plug that comes stuck into the mouthpiece. The other is a cap that covers one end of the pod. Both pieces can be discarded after you remove them.

Your USB charging cord features a micro USB on one end, which plugs into the rechargeable Rubi battery, and a standard USB on the other end, which plugs into any USB port. Charging from your computer is usually most convenient but you can also plug directly into a USB wall adapter if you prefer (not included but inexpensive and easy to find at any electronics store).

You'll also receive a quick start instruction guide with very basic information on how to charge and fill your new Rubi. The only thing unique about setting up the Rubi is that the manufacturer directs you to "prime" the pod before use. To do this, you simply pull air through the mouthpiece while the unit is still disconnected from the battery (you're just pulling through the pod and nothing else). Do this 3 to 5 times before snapping the pod onto the battery and proceeding to vape.

For more in depth information and to take a deep dive into the features of the Rubi, along with a look at the pros and cons of this particular model, check out our Rubi Features Pictorial.

Happy vaping!