WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smok Nord Starter Kit Unboxing Experience

Check out our pictorial guide to find out exactly what's in your Smok Nord Starter Kit.

The Smok Nord Starter Kit comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box that will help ensure it arrives after being well protected through the mail. The Smok Nord comes in a nice assortment of colors but we'll be featuring the Black Carbon Fiber model in this pictorial.

The back of the box lists the contents of the kit and features the usual warnings against use by pregnant women or underage individuals.

You'll also find some anti-counterfeiting codes on the side of the box. These are helpful because cheap, counterfeit knock offs are quite common coming out of China. A counterfeiter will copy the external look and feel of a popular model but build it using inferior materials and usually without proper safety features.

In the middle, you'll see a small hologram. It is an image of two "S's" which move a bit when you move the box.  The hologram is harder to counterfeit so it helps deter knock offs.

There's also a two layer QR code security feature that allows you to authenticate your kit with the manufacturer. To check the authenticity of your Smok Nord, scan the QR code on the left, "Code A." To scan, just use the camera function of your smart phone and the phone will automatically detect the QR code as well as prompt you to visit the website it is linked to.

Please note that your starter kit comes with a 6 month warranty but the warranty is only good if you retain these QR codes along with the warranty card inside so be sure to keep this edge of the box somewhere safe!

Here's what you will see when you scan the QR code. The code will take you to a website that will let you know if the code has been scanned before, how many times, and whether the warranty has been activated/claimed. You'll also notice the check mark letting you know that it is a genuine Smok Nord product. There's a box to click to download the Smok Nord authentication app. You only need the app if you want to interact with other Smok Nord users or to proceed with claiming the device.

To claim the code, the app uses the "Code B" QR code on the right hand side. You have to scratch off the covering on the bottom to reveal the full code. Use your fingernail or the edge of a coin. The second code is obscured so that only you, the final owner of the device, can scan it and claim the code.

If you want more information on the QR code process, check out this page from the manufacturer.

If you want a quick video walk through of how to use the app to verify the codes, check this out:

Now, let's open the box and take a look at what's inside!

Say hello to your new Smok Nord!

The body of the Smok Nord itself is made up of the battery and the tank with attached mouthpiece. You'll also see two coils and the USB cord. We love the carbon fiber finish on these devices which looks good in the array of available colors.

The tank and the mouthpiece are combined into a single, replaceable unit. The tank holds 3 mL of vape juice and the mouthpiece features a duck-billed design with a lip curve for comfort.

You'll also receive two Nord coils. One is a 0.6 ohm mesh coil that is designed for sub ohm vaping. This coil will give you the big vapor clouds and more intense hit that sub ohming is known for. The second coil is a 1.4 ohm regular coil that is designed for mouth to lung vaping and for vaping nic salts.
Here's the included USB charging cable. The micro USB plugs into the bottom of the battery and the other end plugs into any USB outlet. The cord is considerably shorter than the cords included with many vape starter kits. It may be all you need but if you prefer a longer cord, it's interchangeable with any micro USB to USB cable so it's easily replaced.

The Smok Nord also comes with a user's manual. Unlike many Chinese vape starter kits, this manual is actually comparatively useful. It includes a review of the product specifications, information about the warranty, a diagram showing the various components and photographs directing you on how to refill the device. The manual is 28 pages in total but half of the booklet is a French translation and nearly another 7 pages are filled with warnings and cautions that most vapers will already be familiar with.


You'll also receive a warranty card which allows you to get some warranty service from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers a 6 month warranty but the terms are somewhat vague and they state that the warranty is off if you don't retain this card along with the QR codes from the outside of the box so make sure you keep this card!

The back of the warranty card reiterates the information about the QR codes and how to verify the authenticity of your device.

Happy vaping!