WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Zeltu X AIO Pod Electronic Cigarette: The Unboxing Experience

Take the tour to find out exactly what's inside that Zeltu box.

Zeltu X Pod Style Electronic Cigarette

The Zeltu X comes nicely packaged in a sturdy white box. The box, like the Zeltu itself, is well made and capable of protecting the Zeltu from damage on its way to you.

As the back of the box notes, your Zeltu Starter Kit comes with one battery, two refillable pods, one USB charging cable and a users manual. We'll show you close ups of each of these items below.

Zeltu X Unboxing

Opening the box, you'll get your first glimpse of the Zeltu X. The first thing you notice is the beautiful, brushed steel that comprises the body of the Zeltu.

Zeltu X Out of the Box

The Zeltu X conveniently stands up on its own or you can lay it flat. You can't tell yet, but the two "Z's" on the front of the body are actually light indicators that let you know when your battery is running low. The Z's change color, letting you know how much battery life you have left.

The main body of Zeltu X is made up of a battery, a cartridge (that contains both the coil and the e-juice tank in one piece), and a cap to protect the mouthpiece. These three components easily snap together to build the Zeltu X using magnets embedded in the design.

As with most starter kits, you'll only get one battery included. However, the unit works just fine while plugged in and charging. Many vapers who work at a desk just leave the unit plugged in to the USB outlet on their computer for use throughout the day. However, if you use your Zeltu a lot, you may want to get another unit as a backup for when you're out and about for an extended period of time.

Zeltu X Accessory Bundle

Here's the accessory bundle included in the box. You'll find your second refillable Zeltu pod, a USB charging cord and a User's Manual.

A mini USB plugs into the body of the Zeltu X and allows you to plug the other end, featuring a standard USB plug, into any USB port. You can plug the USB into any USB port or you can plug it directly into a wall USB outlet (not included), if you prefer.

The two cartridges included with your kit come in two different ohms ratings. You'll get one cartridge with a 1.2 ohm rating and the other rated 1.6. This enables you to experiment to see which ohm level you prefer.

The box includes a very basic instruction manual. For more detailed information, see our other Zeltu Product Guides. In particular, check out our Zeltu X Features Pictorial which walks you through the various features, plus and minuses of this unit.

Happy vaping!