Vaporesso Veco One Plus Electronic Cigarette: The Unboxing Experience

When purchasing over the internet, it's nice to have a walk through of exactly what you'll receive. Check out this pictorial to get a visual peek at what you'll find inside your new Vaporesso Veco One Plus Electric Cigarette Starter Kit.

Vaporesso Veco One Plus Electronic Cigarette

The Vaporesso Veco One Plus comes from the manufacturer packaged in a black box.  The back of the box lists some of the Veco One Plus's features and you'll find the contents of the box listed on one of the sides of the box.  The Veco One Plus is available in either black or silver.

  Vaporesso Veco One Plus Back of the Box

Open the top of the box to say hello to your new Vaporesso Veco One Plus!  You'll see the two included coils affixed to the top of the interior packaging.

Vaporesso Veco One Plus Open Box

You'll see the unit itself is sturdily built and features a glass tank.  With a 3300 mAh battery, the unit feels very solid in the hand and we find the stainless steel version to be particularly attractive.  The unit also comes with a removable and replaceable extra wide mouth piece.

Vaporesso Veco One Plus Electronic Cigarette, Stainless Steel

The Veco One Plus comes with a traditional Clapton EUC 0.3 ohm coil and an additional ceramic EUC 0.16 ohm replacement coil.  Although the writing is quite small (you may need glasses if you are near sighted), you'll find the ohms rating etched on the side of each coil.

Vaporesso Veco One Plus Coils

The Vaporesso Veco One Plus comes with a USB charging cord.  One end of the charger features a micro USB which plugs into the Vaporesso Veco One Plus itself.  The other end features a standard USB which is meant to plug into any USB port.  You'll find a USB port available on most computers manufactured over the last few years.  Please note that the Vaporesso Veco One Plus does not come with an adapter that would enable you to plug it directly into a wall outlet. You will need to be able to charge it using a USB outlet only or else you must have a wall adapter in order to plug it into a wall outlet.  A wall adapter is not included with the product.  We particularly like the woven metal featured on this USB cord long with coiled wire protecting each end where the wire goes into the USB itself.  Definitely an attractive and useful feature.

 Vaporesso Veco One Plus USB Charging Cord

You'll also find a Warranty Card from Vaporesso that guarantees the product for 90 days should your unit prove to be defective. 

Vaporesso Veco One Plus Warranty Card

In addition, Vaporesso encloses a Warning Card. Most of these warnings are pretty obvious, although a few definitely make you wonder exactly what they are driving at ("Do not use this device for anything other than vaping," and "Do not look into the drip tip when vaping" which would seem precluded by a physical impossibility). 

Vaporesso Veco One Plus Warning Card

Vaproesso also includes a QR code featuring a hologram. The hologram is meant to help you detect the fraudulent sale of inferior knock off products that are not produced by Vaporesso itself.  In our experience, the hologram is actually pretty easy for unscrupulous competitors to fake so we prefer the scratch off security code feature of the Joyetech Penguin verification sticker.  However, at Kai's Virgin Vapor, we only deal directly with the manufacturer along with a single wholesaler for smaller reorders and we have never had an issue with receiving knock off products so this probably isn't that important.

Vaporesso Veco One Plus QR Security Code

Last but not least, you'll find a fold out product guide.  As is so often the case with electronic cigarettes manufactured in China, you can tell that English is a second language for the writer of this manual.  Even so, the instructions are clear enough to follow and can definitely get you up and running without any issues.  For more detailed tutorials and product guides, see our links from the main Vaporesso Veco One Plus product page.

Vaporesso Veco One Plus Product Guide

We hope this mini tour has been useful and that, should you decide to purchase, you'll find your new Vaporesso Veco One Plus to be everything you had hoped! This unit is quite powerful and, with a 3300 mAh battery, the power will keep on going for a long time between charges.  The fact the Vaporesso lets you use a universal coil in this electronic cigarette will also save you money when you need to replace your coils in the future.

Happy vaping!