WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Rubi Pod Features Pictorial

Let's take a deep dive into the various product features of the Rubi Pod Electronic Cigarette. We'll look at the strengths and weaknesses of this model, check out how to refill the unit, and discuss what sets this particular e-cig apart from the crowd.


The Rubi Pod is a pod style electronic cigarette. It is designed to vape nicotine salts rather than standard, freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts are usually formulated with higher nicotine levels but use the "salt" form of nicotine which is much smoother than standard formulations. The result is an ultra smooth vape that still packs a nice punch even when vaped in a tiny, low powered device like the Rubi. Check out our Vaper's Guide to Nicotine Salts for a more in depth explanation.

The Rubi is quite small. It fits in your hand easily and can be carried around even in a small pocket. Measuring 4 inches long and just over 1/4 of an inch thick, it's made to be ultra portable. If you're looking for something small and easy to keep with you, the Rubi is a perfect fit.

The Rubi is what is called an "open pod system." That means that you aren't just limited to prefilled, often proprietary pods that you can only get from the same manufacturer who makes the device. It's a huge plus that you can refill the Rubi with any vape juice that you desire.

The most amazing feature of the Rubi, however, is something that we can't take a picture of. It's the flavor production. We were amazed that this tiny unit could produce such a depth of flavor! In fact, the Rubi is the very best flavor producing e-cig that we carry, at least when it comes to our organic vape juices. The ultra low heat and power of this unit seem to really make our flavors sing! If strong, true-to-life flavor is what you are after, this is the starter kit for you!

That said, the potent flavor production does come at a price. No electronic cigarette is perfect and each model comes with pros and cons. For the Rubi, the biggest con is the tiny, easily lost plug that closes the e-juice tank, along with the challenge of refilling the tank through a tiny opening.

Yup, we do mean tiny! The plug measures a mere 3/8ths of an inch long making it a prime candidate for getting lost in the couch or accidentally flicked across the room never to be seen again.

These kinds of fiddly issues are quite common with pod designs.  After all, pods are built to be small. But while small can be great, it can also be a hassle when it comes to assembling, disassembling or filling these units.

To refill the Rubi, you first have to pry the black plastic plug out of the tank. The edge of your finger nail works best and it's quite easy once you get the hang of it.

You'll fill the tank through the small filling port on the side of the pod. Our plastic dropper bottles are easily up to this task and fit perfectly in the opening for a no mess fill up. However, glass droppers or plastic bottles with larger tips can present a problem mainly because you have to go very slowly to avoid making a mess. Some vapers keep blunt tip syringes on hand for this purpose.

For anyone struggling with limited eyesight, reduced manual dexterity or limited patience with tiny pieces, this unit is probably not the best fit for you. We'd recommend the Zeltu X which snaps together using built in magnets and features an oversize tank opening. You'll definitely lose some flavor but you'll keep your sanity.

Once the cartridge is filled and plugged it snaps easily into the battery.


The battery that comes with your kit is 280 mAh which means it will last for about two hours, give or take, which is equal to perhaps 250 puffs. If you are a very heavy vaper, you can potentially go through the battery in as little as half an hour. It takes approximately 80 minutes to recharge the battery.

The "K" for Kandy Pens, maker of the Rubi, that is inscribed on the battery also doubles as a battery indicator light. The "K" will emit white light when the battery is fully charged. The light will turn red when your battery starts getting low. When the battery is out of power, the red light will start blinking.

To recharge, plug the mini USB into the battery. Plug the standard USB into any USB port. Usually the handiest port will be on your computer but you can also plug directly into a wall outlet using a USB wall adapter (not included).

We like the fact that the Rubi uses a standard USB cord, which can easily be replaced if lost, rather than a proprietary charging cable.

Another nice feature of the Rubi is the selection of available colors. You can chose from basic black or glitzy gold, sparkly pink or gunmetal grey, or go for bold, bright red. The metallic finish is quite attractive and looks good with all the available colors.

The Rubi is also conveniently draw activated. That means there is no button to push when you want to take a puff and the unit won't accidentally activate in your purse or pocket if you press the "on" button by mistake. There is one air intake opening on each side of the Rubi battery. Air flows in through these holes and up into the mouthpiece when you inhale so be sure not to plug these holes or cover them with your hands when you draw.

The replaceable pods are made up of both the coil and the e-juice tank combined into one unit. The coil itself is ceramic with Japanese cotton. Each pod can hold up to 1 mL of vape juice.

The manufacturer advertises the pods as being leak proof and we generally found that to be true. The manufacturer also claims to have solved the issue of spit-back, the unpleasant experience of heated vape juice spitting back out of the mouthpiece onto your tongue when you vape. Again, our personal experience confirmed this as we didn't have any issues with spit back when using the Rubi. However, if you leave your Rubi in a hot car, all bets are off on both counts.

One small flaw in the Rubi design is the fact that there is no see through window to monitor the amount of e-juice remaining in the tank. You have to snap the cartridge out to check to make sure you don't wait too long and end up getting a dry hit.

You also don't get any customization with this model. You can't fine tune your vaping experience with a selection of ohms levels because Rubi pods only come with one setting. You also aren't able to adjust the air flow for a tighter or more airy vape depending on your preferences.

Another plus, however, is the fact that the manufacturer advertises the Rubi as also being appropriate for vaping CBD. In fact, the Rubi was awarded "Best Oil Vape of 2018" by The Vape Guide so if you use CBD products, the Rubi can pull double duty.

To summarize again, here's what we love:

  • Fantastic flavor production
  • Open pod system can be refilled with any vape juice
  • Ultra small and portable
  • Available in very attractive color options
  • Uses non-proprietary, easily replaced USB charging cord
  • Leak proof and spit-back proof under most conditions
  • Comes with ceramic coils
  • Works for vaping CBD

Drawbacks to this model:

  • Tiny plug needed to fill tank is easily lost
  • Tiny filling port makes filling the tank difficult
  • No window to monitor remaining vape juice in the tank
  • Battery life is short although it is in line with what most small pods are capable of
  • No choice of ohms levels or ability to customize the vaping experience

Overall, the Rubi offers a fantastic flavor experience at the cost of a bit of hassle working with the tiny components (we don't recommend it if you have limited eyesight or reduced manual dexterity). On the other hand, the design flaws we found are pretty common to pods of this size so if you want a vape pen this tiny, you're going to have to put up with these types of issues. You will be rewarded for your efforts, however, with a rich, flavorful vaping experience!

Happy vaping!