WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Zeltu X AIO Features Pictorial

Follow along as we take a visual tour of the various features of the Zeltu X Pod Electronic Cigarette. In this walk through, we'll delve into the pros and cons of the device in detail and provide you with all the information you need to determine if this system might be right for you.

The Zeltu X

The Zeltu X AIO is what is called a "pod style" electronic cigarette. It is designed to be used with nicotine salt vape juices. Like most pods, the Zeltu features a lower powered battery. However, the reduced oomph from the battery is made up for by the generally higher nicotine level in nic salt vape juice. The combination gives you a smooth, flavorful hit with little to no throat hit while still providing you with nicotine.

Zeltu Magnetic Construction

One of the most distinctive features of the Zeltu is its magnetic, snap-together design. The refillable pod snaps into the battery and a protective cap snaps over the top, all held together by sturdy magnets.

Zeltu Magnetic Construction

The entire device can be assembled or disassembled in seconds. This is in stark contrast to many pods. Due to their small size, pods are often quite finicky, featuring extremely small openings that have to be filled with vape juice, miniature parts that are easily lost, or a design that is not very intuitive. The unique ease of use of the Zeltu pod system will make it especially attractive to anyone struggling with poor eyesight, issues with manual dexterity like arthritis or anyone who just hates struggling with tiny, moving parts!

 Zeltu X Refilling

To refill the Zeltu, just unscrew the nice, large metal cap and drip e-liquid into the extra large hole at the top. No tiny plastic plugs to fuss with!

How to Refill the Zeltu X

The see through construction of the pod itself makes it easy to tell how much vape juice to add to the tank. At 2 mL, the tank itself is also quite generous for a pod. Keep in mind that pods go through vape juice at a much slower rate than a standard e-cig so 2 mL vaped in the Zeltu will last you a good long time.

Zeltu Magnets in Body

When you're done filling your pod, look for the two round magnets in the body of the Zeltu that hold the tank in place.

Zeltu Magnet Construction

These two magnets line up with two magnets in the base of the tank itself. Just drop the tank into the base and it will automatically snap into place. The magnets are powerful enough that the unit stays locked together under normal conditions, even when jostling around in your bag.

If you prefer to align the cartridge by feel instead of looking for the magnets, just drop it in. If it's facing the wrong way, you'll notice the lip where normally the top of the unit is flush. Just flip it around.

Keep in mind that once you snap the cartridge into the body of the pod, there's no way to monitor how much vape juice is left in the tank. We wish there was a see through window or some other way of ensuring you refill in plenty of time to avoid accidentally getting a dry hit. However, given how easy it is to snap the cartridge out to check, this is a relatively small inconvenience.

The Zeltu also comes with a cover that snaps on over the mouthpiece. This protects the built in tip from collecting dirt and keeps it clean and sanitary between uses, even if you stow it in a less than pristine purse or pocket.

Another distinct feature of the Zeltu pod is the extended battery life. Pods provide many great benefits but those benefits usually come at the expense of having to recharge your battery frequently. That's not the case with the Zeltu. At 1,000 mAh, this small but powerful unit has as much battery life as many full sized e-cig set ups. In fact, there's not a pod system on the market that can beat the Zeltu X when it comes to battery life.

The Zeltu uses different colored lights to indicate the amount of battery life remaining. While we love the pretty colors, the color coding can be a bit hard to remember.

White = 100% to 80% charge remaining

Blue = 80% to 60% charge remaining

Green = 60% to 40% charge remaining

Purple = 40% to 20% charge remaining

Red = 20% to 0% charge remaining

You get used to the system after a while but we wish there was an easy way to remember which color means what. 

To charge the unit, plug the mini USB end of your charging cord into the unit. The other end of the cord features a standard USB. You can plug it into any USB outlet. Charging through your computer is often the most convenient option but you can also plug it in to a wall adapter (not included) if you'd prefer to charge directly from a power outlet (100 V up to 230 V power works fine as long as it's through a USB adapter).

When charging the battery, you'll see the light indicator is red. The red light turns off (no light) when the unit is fully charged and ready to go. On the plus side, you can vape using the unit while it is plugged in and charging.

Another distinction held by the Zeltu is that it's actually quite nice looking. The brushed stainless steel finish in particular could as easily pair with a tux or an evening gown as fit in the back pocket of your jeans. It's nice to have a pod that you won't feel self-conscious using even at a special occasion.

Zeltu On/Off Button

You'll notice an on/off button on the side of the unit. This feature allows you to safely turn the unit off when stowing it in your purse, pocket or carry on bag. To put the unit in the safety "Off" setting, click the button five times in quick succession. This turns the unit off. Pressing the on/off button will not activate the unit when it is turned off. Click the button again five times to turn the unit back on.

When actually using the unit, just press the button to fire it up.

Zeltu Replacement Pod

The manufacturer claims that reuseable Zeltu cartridges can be refilled with vape juice up to 15 times before they need to be replaced. As with all coils, replace the unit if you start to notice a burnt taste or smell or when the unit begins to decline in function by producing insufficient vapor or flavor.

You may also want to segregate strong vape flavors, such as menthol or tobacco, by using different cartridges. Mixing fruit flavors in the same cartridge usually isn't a problem (and can even lead to some delightful surprises!) but you'll definitely notice if you refill a tank that had tobacco in it with a fruity vape flavor.

Pro tip: mark your cartridges designated for specific flavors with a Sharpie, stickers or a small drop of nail polish so you remember what's what.

It's nice that Zeltu offers a choice of ohms ratings on the replacement cartridges, something you don't get with most pod systems. Select the 1.2 ohms for a slightly more powerful experience with a stronger throat hit. Go with the 1.6 ohms for a smoother, cooler vape. Pick the ohm rating you prefer or take a look at our guide for more on the experiential difference between ohms ratings. You'll get one of each ohm rating in your Zeltu starter kit so you'll be able to try both to see what you prefer.

The Zeltu X also allows you to adjust the airflow through your device. Some vapers prefer a tight draw while others want their vape a bit more airy. To adjust to your preference, twist the metal band to open or close the air hole as desired.

Overall the Zeltu X offers some powerful advantages when compared to other pod systems. The ease of use and the extended battery life both earn it an A+. It comes with a few minor drawbacks like not enabling you to see how much liquid is left in your tank without sliding the cartridge out and a somewhat difficult to remember battery life color coding system, but these inconveniences are minor.

It doesn't hold up to our Rubi Pod System when it comes to flavor production, but few things do. The Rubi is one of the best flavor producers we've seen, at least when it comes to our organic vape flavors. However, the Rubi has the drawback of featuring tiny, fiddly parts that are easily lost. The battery is also much less powerful and doesn't last nearly as long and for some people, the trade off just isn't worth it. Keep in mind, the Zeltu does produce good flavor, just not quite as great as the Rubi.

The Zeltu X is a solid, dependable pod that's super easy to use. Top it up with any of our array of nic salt vape juice flavors and enjoy!