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Some of our Awards


Don't Sacrifice Quality For Taste

We pride ourselves on our reputation for high quality and because of this, we constantly work to raise the bar, improving the standards in the industry in order to protect each and every vaper. However, we believe you should not have to sacrifice quality for taste and our association works diligently to provide a wonderful marriage of the two in every product we offer, at whatever strength, in whichever flavor you choose.

That is why it’s not just our testing that sets us apart from other vaping products; the taste of our vape juice flavors is sure to give you a vaping experience unrivaled by any other vape juice products on the market. Other companies may claim to use natural flavorings, but their definition of “natural” is likely far different from yours. Most of the time, so-called “natural" flavors are actually just molecules assembled in a lab from chemicals derived from various sources. These chemicals attempt to mimic the taste of real fruits or coffee beans or tobacco and, more often than not, they fall short, leaving behind a not so pleasant aftertaste. Unlike those other companies, our flavors are made with real plant extracts and the flavor comes from the fruit or flower or coffee bean named in the actual flavor. Our watermelon vape juice tastes like watermelon because it is actually extracted from watermelons, our coffee e juice tastes like real coffee because that’s what it’s made from. This direct extraction process eliminates the bad aftertaste so common with other e liquids and gives all of our products a superb, true-to-life flavor.

We Are a Private Vape Club

We don't offer our products to the public, we only sell to members of our Private Vape Club. Membership is open to any adult over the age of 21 who requests membership by ticking our Terms & Conditions box at checkout.

Our members enjoy access to vape products that have stood the test of time. Kai’s Virgin Vapor, a Private Vape Club, emphasizes product quality, full ingredient disclosure, full manufacturing traceability and lots of lab testing. We have developed our manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that each batch is made to the same high standards. Our vape juice is mixed in small batches using a computerized batching system and each batch is then also tested to ensure accurate nicotine content.

We stand behind the quality of all of our products and know that once you try out our flavors, you’ll never want another e juice again!

What Makes Our E Juice So Unique?

There are 10’s of 1,000’s of e juice options on the market. While other companies attempt to stand out by spending all their money on advertising, Kai’s Virgin Vapor has instead been quietly working to perfect our product, spending money on what actually goes into the bottle and relying on word of mouth from our happy customers to grow our business.

We use the highest quality ingredients money can buy: flavors extracted from the named fruit, certified organic pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin, and tobacco free nicotine to create our delicious concoctions. We know from market research that we pay more for the flavoring component of our e juice alone than most companies spend on their entire product, including bottle, label, vape juice ingredients and labor. We may not be the cheapest vape juice around, but that makes us the best value! Your money goes directly into the bottle of vape juice you hold in your hands, not slick advertising.

What we leave out of our vape juice is just as important as what goes in. When it comes to vape juice, we are minimalists. We believe in using as few ingredients as possible and we refuse to gamble with our customer’s health by including artificial colors, which have not been tested for inhalation safety, just to entice the user. We never use artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or artificial colors. In fact, we don’t use sweeteners or colors at all, instead allowing the natural flavor, color and aroma of our real plant extracts to speak for themselves.

We also leave out the propylene glycol, opting instead for 100% USDA organic vegetable glycerin (VG) as the base for our vape juices. Unlike propylene glycol (PG), which is a petroleum derivative, VG is derived from plants, usually soy or coconut. We make sure our VG comes with the USDA organic seal to ensure it never contains genetically modified ingredients and we only use VG that is purified to pharmaceutical grade standards. Slightly thicker than PG, VG also provides a sweeter taste, bigger vape clouds and a much smoother throat hit.

Our e liquids are also completely free of animal products, making them 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly. They are free of GMO’s, gluten and added sugar.

We don’t believe in looking for the cheapest ingredients in order to bring down manufacturing costs. Instead, our diligent researchers look for the best ingredients that they can find, while increasing our efficiency, in order to provide a high-class experience at an affordable cost. This ensures that our vape juice is available to any vaper that wants to try, without compromising the high standards our business was founded on. Our commitment is to you, our wonderful members, and not some corporate conglomerate.

We take great pride in our vape juice, manufactured in the USA in beautiful Sonoma County, California, and in our company, built on the core values of integrity, transparency and quality. Most of our employees have been with us for many years and we work together toward the shared goal of producing the highest quality e liquid on the market today. We give back to the vaping community by supporting organizations that fight for vaper’s rights, such as Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, CASAA and Vapor Technology Association, and we give back to the world that we live in and love, supporting causes dear to our hearts.

We are confident that one taste of our quality organic and natural e juice and you’ll fall in love.

Why Choose Kai’s Virgin Vapor?

We have a little something for everyone, so you’re sure to find the perfect flavor fit! We offer a wide variety of tried and true customer favorites as well as a collection of unique flavors so you’ll be sure to find something that you love.

Have a sweet tooth? Experience our award winning chocolate flavor, Death By Chocolate. If chocolate isn’t your cup of tea, check out our array of amazing fruit flavors. We manufacture the classics like strawberry and blueberry but we also offer unusual and hard to find fruit vapes like plum and guava. We have a standard tobacco flavor for purists and a coffee flavor for that perfect morning hit or try Menthol Moon Drops flavored with organic menthol crystals for that strong menthol kick. We also feature a unique collection of floral flavors for the vape connoisseur!

We also provide a variety of options when it comes to nicotine level. All of our flavors are available in a nicotine strength of 0mg, 3 mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg in order to suit your desired level of nicotine. We also offer fast shipping times, a customer service phone number where you can reach a live person for help and a world class rewards program that gives you points every time you shop.

We’ve managed to stay in business for nearly 12 years because we offer a unique product but also because we strive to treat each and every one of our customers like family. We work with new customers to help you find the perfect flavor fit and we do our best to make sure you walk away happy every time you shop with us.

Our Private Vape Club flourishes based on our reputation and word of mouth alone, as we do almost no advertising. We depend on making you happy to stay open! However, we also strongly believe that our club should be a force for good and we strive to make sure we bring only happiness and satisfaction to our member's lives, doing our small part to make the world a better, happier place. We hope to welcome you to our vape family and continue to share the love!