About Kai’s Virgin Vapor

Since 2010

We’ve been in business since 2010 which makes us ancient among e-liquid companies. We’ve managed to stick around this long because, unlike many companies jumping on the bandwagon to make a quick buck, from the very beginning we have gone above and beyond in pursuit of safety, quality and purity. We have been pioneers in the industry, insisting on third party laboratory testing, full ingredient disclosure, extensive safety protocols, batch traceability and, of course, only the very highest quality ingredients money can buy. We wouldn’t do business any other way. We hope you will appreciate everything we have put into crafting our ultra premium, organic e-liquids and that they will bring enjoyment and happiness to your life.

Why organic?

Because we’re California folk, we believe everything is better when it’s organic! We use third party certified organic flavorings mixed with organic, pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin and our facility is a USDA certified organic handling facility. Our nicotine is extracted from certified organic tobacco leaves grown in North Carolina.

We don't add any flavor enhancers or other additives to these simple ingredients.  Our e-liquids are completely free of artificial flavorings, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or any other additives. They are also vegan, GMO-free and contain no sugar or gluten.

While many of our customers come to us for the benefits of going organic, they often don't realize until they taste our e-liquids that organic also just tastes better. If you're used to fake tasting flavors with a chemical aftertaste, you are in for a treat. Our flavors taste just like nature intended!

For a deeper dive, check out this interview with the owner of Kai's Virgin Vapor, Annette Rogers, in which she talks about what it takes and what it means to obtain USDA organic certification for an e-liquid company.

Do Your Organic E-liquids Taste Different?

Yes! Because our e-liquid flavors are extracted from the real thing, the flavor profile is different from their artificial counterparts. In addition, because we don't add any sugar or artificial sweeteners to our e-juice and absolutely insist on excluding any diacetyl or diacetyl analogues, we offer a unique flavor profile. Find out more about the difference between artificial flavors versus e-liquid flavors that are made from the real thing.

Pure Ingredients & Full Ingredient Disclosure

Our Ingredients

As users of our own products, we are very particular about what goes into our e-liquid. We believe artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and other nasty chemicals don't belong in our food, and certainly don't belong in our e-liquid! We disclose every ingredient on each product page so you know exactly what you are vaping.

Our ingredients are simple:

    • pharmaceutical grade nicotine extracted from certified organic tobacco leaves
    • organic pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin
    • pure, distilled water
    • certified organic flavors

A few of our organic flavors come in an organic ethyl alcohol base. If you would prefer an alcohol free e-liquid, please check the ingredients list (available on each product page) or call or email our customer support team and they would be happy to help you find a flavor you will love.

Our nicotine is 100% USA made from handpicked organic tobacco leaves grown in North Carolina.  Our e-liquids have tested free of diethylene glycol (DEG) as well as the heavy metals mercury, lead, chromium and cadmium and we adhere to AEMSA’s strict protocols with regular laboratory testing for diacetyl and pentanedione. To top it all off, we package in glass, not plastic, to prevent chemicals such as BPA leaching into your e-liquid.

While all of these things cost us a bit extra, we simply do not skimp when it comes to quality. We promise, you will taste the difference!

Are Your E-liquids PG-Free?

Yes! Our VG based e-liquid is 100% propylene glycol free. Many e-liquids are advertised as being vegetable glycerin based, yet they still contain propylene glycol. This is because the majority of flavorings used in most e-liquids come in a propylene glycol base, so you're still inhaling the propylene glycol added with the flavorings. Our flavorings do not contain PG, giving you a true, 100% propylene glycol free e-liquid.

Will Your 100% VG E-liquid Clog My Atomizer?

We custom thin our VG based e-liquids with pure, distilled water in order to mimic the thinner viscosity of PG.  We had our chemist, Dr. Marc Foster, perform extensive testing to determine the exact viscosity that works best for today's modern hardware and most closely matches the best selling PG based e-liquids on the market. Our resulting formulation prevents the problems many users experience with VG bases due to the e-liquid being too thick to wick correctly in many electronic cigarettes. Our VG e-liquids work just fine in almost any electronic cigarette.

For a 2017 update on our e-liquid viscosity, please see: 100% VG E-liquid Viscosity Update

We also pride ourselves on the exceptionally high quality VG we have developed for our e-liquid base.  For a deep dive into this ingredient, see our blog post: Ingredient Spotlight: Kai's Virgin Vapor Vegetable Glycerin

Are Your E-liquids Vegan?

Yes! All of our e-liquids are vegan with the exception of our flavors Marmarita, Hummingbird Fuel and The Bee's Knees. These three flavors contain flavoring that has been extracted from honey.  Strict vegans don't consider honey to be vegan since it is an animal product produced by bees.

Are Your E-liquids GMO-free?

Yes! Because our flavorings are certified organic, they cannot be extracted from genetically modified organisms. Likewise, although vegetable glycerin can be derived from soy, we have selected a non-soy derived VG and work with a supplier that certifies their VG as GMO-free. Additionally, our VG is also certified organic, providing a second layer of assurance that it is not derived from genetically modified organisms.

Quality Control

Our e-liquids are manufactured in the USA in a dedicated e-liquid laboratory at our commercially zoned facility. Dr. Marc Foster, our PhD chemist, designed all aspects of product creation, testing and quality control to ensure safety, accuracy and purity in our finished product.

We designed our quality control protocols modeled after the best practices set forth by AEMSA, the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association, and adhere to their high standards for product quality, safety protocols, regular laboratory testing and good product stewardship. We are completely dedicated to providing the highest quality e-liquids that meet the most rigorous industry standards.

Our facility has been physically inspected by both OSHA and our local Environmental Health Department and our protocols, safe handling procedures, mixing logs, proper use of safety equipment, proper labeling and disposal of hazardous materials were all reviewed during these on-site inspections.

In addition, during our certification as an organic handling facility, our batch traceability protocols were verified. Batch traceability enables us to trace every batch of every individual ingredient we use through our entire production line. That information is then tied to every bottle of e-liquid we produce using the batch number.

Allergies to E-liquid

We get quite a few customers who come to Kai's Virgin Vapor because they are experiencing allergic reactions when vaping.  The most common culprit is propylene glycol (PG), a commonly used base in e-liquids.  PG can cause allergic symptoms ranging from a scratchy throat to sinus problems, headaches, and even feelings of nausea.  In extreme cases, PG can even cause numbness in the face and tongue as well as swelling and redness in these areas. 

Be certain to first assess if your symptoms are being caused by nicotine overdose.  Symptoms of nicotine overdose can include nausea, headache, rapid heartbeat and a general feeling of being unwell.  Nicotine overdose is rare and extremely unlikely, especially if you are using a lower strength e-liquid such as 6 or 3 mg.  However, it can be a very serious medical emergency, so be alert for signs and symptoms that may be coming from nicotine poisoning rather than a reaction to PG.

If your symptoms are coming from a PG sensitivity however, you can easily avoid exposure by choosing only 100% vegetable glycerin (VG) based e-liquids.  At Kai's Virgin Vapor, we offer all of our organic e-liquid flavors in 100% VG.  Many other manufacturers also offer VG-based e-liquids, but be certain they are truly PG-free.  The majority of flavorings used in e-liquids come in a base of PG, so even if the e-liquid is VG based, it may still contain PG added with the flavorings.  Ask your e-liquid provider to be certain.

Allergic symptoms can also be caused by the flavorings themselves or other added chemicals.  While flavorings used in e-liquids are approved for human consumption, they have not yet been specifically tested for safety when vaporized and inhaled.  Regular e-liquids may contain a wide variety of chemicals which can cause irritation or allergic symptoms when vaped.  Artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners and other additives are all often present in regular e-liquids.  In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, "the flavorings industry has estimated that over a thousand flavoring ingredients have the potential to be respiratory hazards due to possible volatility and irritant properties (alpha, beta-unsaturated aldehydes and ketones, aliphatic aldehydes, aliphatic carboxylic acids, aliphatic amines, and aliphatic aromatic thiols and sulfides)."

At Kai's Virgin Vapor, we use only USDA certified organic flavorings.  Our flavors do not contain any nuts, gluten, sugar or other added sweeteners.  They are 100% free of artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and other chemical additives.  They are also vegan (with the exception of our three flavors that contain honey notes).  Because our flavors are steam extracted and/or extracted in organic ethyl alcohol, there is no chemical residue left behind from the extraction process.  These methods produce a superior organic flavor that can, because of its purity, significantly reduce potential irritation and allergy.

 SOURCE: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Organic Ethyl Alcohol

Some of our organic flavors come in a base of organic ethyl alcohol which is present because it is used in part of the flavor extraction process.  Remember, unlike artificial flavors, our flavors are actually extracted from real fruits, flowers, fine teas, nuts and honey.  We use various extraction techniques to pull the flavor out of, say, ripe organic blueberries and some of these methods result in a small amount of organic alcohol in the finished flavor.  The majority of our flavors are alcohol free so keep in mind this only applies to a smaller number of specific flavors.

This trace amount of residual organic alcohol doesn't bother most people and, we have found, the majority of people can't smell or taste it.  However, a small percentage of the population does seem to be particularly sensitive to it and some even find it quite bothersome.  If you are one of these people, you may find that leaving the cap off your e-liquid bottle for one to three days (be sure to place it out of reach of children and pets) will allow the alcohol to evaporate.  This method is usually successful. 

However, if you wish to avoid alcohol for personal, religious or health reasons, simply check each product page.  We provide a full list of ingredients for each flavor right there and the majority of our flavors do not contain alcohol.  Alternatively, if you'd like us to do the leg work for you, just call or email customer service and we can steer you in the right direction.

Please note that some organic flavors can interact with the plastic of some electronic cigarette tanks causing it to melt or crack. This is due to the real fruit acids found in organic flavors. Please use caution when using organic flavors in plastic tanks.  We have a note on the product page of any flavor that is known to have issues so you can avoid it if you use plastic tanks.  That said, glass is far superior in our opinion so please consider upgrading to a higher quality glass tank instead!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at: customerservice@kaisvirginvapor.com (or click the green support tab on the left). Our customer service agents will be more than happy to help you out!


Shipping Within the United States

We offer you a choice of shipping carriers and speeds at check out. You can opt for:

      • USPS First Class Mail
      • USPS Priority Mail
      • FedEx Ground
      • FedEx Express Saver
      • FedEx 2 Day

Please note that these are all third party shippers and we don't have any control over your package once it leaves our facility. In addition, although their advertised shipping times are generally reliable, we can't guarantee these carriers will deliver your order within their advertised delivery window.  Sometimes they are late and, unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to help in these instances since these are unaffiliated companies.

International Shipping

All international orders are shipped via FedEx or via USPS International. FedEx provides the most secure shipments available, with full tracking and customer service options. FedEx shipping requires a street address instead of a PO Box address for delivery. We actively work with FedEx to update our shipping forms and codes to enable safe and final shipment to countries outside the U.S.

However, due to currently fluctuating international laws and regulations as they pertain to the e-cigarette industry and nicotine products, we cannot guarantee shipment to any country outside the U.S. that does not have set laws, clearly defined, for import of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. If there are clearly set laws that do not allow shipment of e-liquids to your country, our system will notify you by disabling check out using your local address.  However, in cases where there are not clearly defined laws or where customs officials tend to "play by their own rules," you are assuming the risk of your order being stopped at customs. Kai's Virgin Vapor cannot be responsible for packages held, tampered with, or refused at customs. There are no refunds or replacements for orders lost after leaving the United States or confiscated by the customs department in your country. We do not calculate, charge or assume charges for VAT, duty or import taxes for international shipments.

We do not ship to countries that have banned the sale and import of all e-cigarette hardware, e-cigarette accessories and e-cigarette liquid. Please check your local country regulations prior to ordering.

If you are in the UK and would like to save on shipping, you can order direct from our distributor, Vape Green.

If you are in the Netherlands and would like to save on shipping, you can order direct from our distributor, Smoke Smarter.

Our Packaging

Glass Bottles

As part of our commitment to quality and purity, we always package your e-liquids in glass, never plastic, which may leach chemicals into your e-liquid. We made the choice to package in glass due to concerns about BPA, also known as bisphenol A. BPA is a hormone disruptor that has been banned from use in baby bottles and other baby items because of concerns about neurological effects and effects on infant brain development. BPA is also linked to a wide variety of health effects in adults including obesity, disruption of thyroid function, cancer, disruption of the reproductive system and sexual dysfunction. While research continues, we chose to package in glass to avoid any potential exposure for our customers.

REGULATORY UPDATE FOR THE EUROPEAN UNION: Recent changes to the law in the European Union have outlawed packaging e-liquid in glass. Because of this, we are forced to package e-liquids that we manufacture specifically for our distributors in the EU in plastic bottles. This exception only applies to e-liquids you will find for sale in the EU as required by law. All of our e-liquids manufactured and sold in the United States or on our website continue to be packaged in glass.

Tamper Evident Packaging

We add a tamper evident seal to our e-liquids so that no mater where you purchase them, you can be assured that they are in the same condition as when they left our factory. If your e-liquid has been tampered with, it will be obvious from examining the seal. Just another small way we work to guarantee your safety.

Order Packaging for Shipment

We ship our Kai's Virgin Vapor e-liquids carefully packaged in bubble wrap and then sealed inside of Ziploc plastic bags. Your order is mailed in a padded envelope, or box, depending on the size of your order. If your package is damaged in transit, it may cause e-liquid to spill. However, any spill is contained within the Ziploc bag. Please use caution when handling e-liquid spills that contain nicotine. Nicotine can be absorbed through the skin, so we recommend you use gloves. As always, please use care to properly dispose of any packaging materials that have been exposed to nicotine, keeping them away from children and pets.

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How Do I Find a Discount Code or Coupon?

The best way to find out about discount codes or coupons for Kai's Virgin Vapor is to sign up for our newsletter. Just enter your email in the box on the lower right corner at the bottom of our website. We also post some special offers to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, including contests and flash sales so be sure to follow us there. Lastly, don't forget to sign up for our Rewards Program (see the FAQ above this one) as this program will provide you with regular discounts for shopping, following us on social media or leaving us reviews.

How Do I Enter a Discount Code or Coupon?

Using a discount code or coupon is easy. Just follow this visual tutorial and you'll be enjoying your discount in no time!

Vaping Tips & Trouble Shooting

Mouth to lung (M2L) vs direct-to-lung (DL) vaping

MOUTH TO LUNG VAPING - Smokers will be particularly used to mouth to lung vaping, as it’s a similar process to smoking cigarettes. With mouth to lung (M2L) vaping, you inhale the vapor into your mouth first, collect it there, then breathe it fully into your lungs. Now that vaping has become more sophisticated and e-cigs more accessible, people enjoy a mouth to lung vape because of the benefits it offers rather than from necessity.

DIRECT TO LUNG VAPING - Unlike a mouth to lung vape, direct to lung (DL) vaping is more like simply breathing air normally – you suck the vapor straight into your lungs without letting it linger in your mouth. For this reason, direct to lung vaping can be more intense and satisfying than M2L vaping. Most people don’t vape like this when they start out, but it has become popular in recent years due to the rise in hobby vaping and cloud chasing. That is, assuming that your e-cig hardware is compatible with DL vaping – our starter kits are designed to be used specifically for M2L to simulate smoking. If you try direct to lung vaping, you’ll find that you need to go with a low nicotine or nicotine-free (i.e. 3mg or even 0mg) e-liquid. This is because the nicotine will hit you in a more direct way, and could make you cough or feel unpleasant. You’ll also want to use an e-liquid with a high 100% VG like our E-liquid, which means less of a lung hit but a lot more cloud. Our Starter Kits with air flow control are also great for direct to lung vaping, as you can adjust air flow to satisfy your needs.

M2L VAPING VS DL VAPING - There are a few factors that come into play for both mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping, which may help you decide which is right for you.

M2L - Mouth to lung vaping gives a better throat hit than DL vaping does, which of course simulates the sensation that smokers are used to.

M2L - You’ll also find that mouth to lung vaping makes your e-liquid last longer than it would if you were DL vaping. Because of this, and because the action of a mouth to lung vape is similar to cigarette smoking, this is often a good way to vape for most everyday vapers, and it’s the best method to start with if you’re making a move from tobacco cigarettes.

DL - Direct to lung vaping is great if you want to produce great vapor clouds using sub ohm kits, which is why it’s often the preferred method for cloud chasers.

To Steep or Not to Steep Your E-liquid

Steeping is letting an e-liquid age for a period of time to improve the flavor, much like aging a fine wine. Click here to find out what steeping can and can't do for your e-liquid and get our top five e-liquid steeping tips and tricks to get the most out of your organic e-juice.

Allergic Reactions to E-liquid

We get quite a few customers who seek us out for help dealing with allergic reactions when vaping. Itchy throat, sinus problems, congestion, irritation in the mouth or lungs and even nausea are all common issues that may be caused by an allergic reaction. While an allergy to propylene glycol is by far the most common culprit, it is important to rule out other possibilities. Click here to find out the most common causes of allergic reactions to e-liquid and how to trouble shoot your symptoms so you can get back to enjoying vaping again.

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