WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Quality Control

Our e-juices are manufactured in the USA in a dedicated e-liquid laboratory at our commercially zoned facility. We designed all aspects of product creation, testing and quality control to ensure safety, accuracy and purity in our finished product.

We use sophisticated lab software that ensures that there is exact consistency from batch to batch. Our software will automatically reject any batch that does not fall within a maximum 1% plus or minus variation from our written specs. Each ingredient must be scanned using a UPC code scanner before being added to a batch ensuring there is no possibility of error when mixing. We also check for nicotine accuracy using onsite titration and regularly spot check here and there to confirm out titration accuracy with an outside lab.

We designed our quality control protocols modeled after the best practices set forth by AEMSA, the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association, and adhere to their high standards for product quality, safety protocols, regular laboratory testing and good product stewardship. We are completely dedicated to providing the highest quality e-liquids that meet the most rigorous industry standards.

Our facility has been physically inspected by both OSHA and our local Environmental Health Department and our protocols, safe handling procedures, mixing logs, proper use of safety equipment, proper labeling and disposal of hazardous materials were all reviewed during these on-site inspections.

In addition, during our certification as an organic handling facility, our batch traceability protocols were verified. Batch traceability enables us to trace every batch of every individual ingredient we use through our entire production line. That information is then tied to every bottle of e-liquid we produce using the batch number.