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WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Reseller Program

We offer a large selection of organic e-liquids to qualified Resellers. Our award winning e-liquids are currently carried in hundreds of retail locations in the USA and abroad.

Bottle Sizes (mL): 15, 30, 60, 120

10 mL TPD compliant bottles (only available for sale in the EU)

Nic Levels (mg): 0, 3, 6, 12, 18

Carrier: 100% VG

For more information about becoming an authorized Reseller please fill out the following inquiry: CLICK HERE

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Wholesale Flavor List

  1. AFTERGLOW - Lavender, pomegranate & a hint of bergamot
  2. BED OF ROSES - Pure essence of rose
  3. BEST DAMN TOBACCO - Rich full-bodied tobacco
  4. BLUE VANGO - Unique blend of mango, blueberry and violet
  5. CELESTIAL HONEYDEW - Fresh, ripe, heavenly honeydew
  6. COCONUT CONNIPTION - Pure, smooth coconut
  7. DARK ROAST TURKISH COFFEE - Strong, bold coffee
  8. DEATH BY CHOCOLATE - Award-winning, ultimate chocolate
  9. FRESH THAI MANGO - Complex and true-to-life mango
  10. HAWAIIAN WHITE GUAVA - Sweet, tropical guava
  11. LEMON ROSEWATER - Essence of rose finished with lemon
  12. MENTHOL MOON DROPS - Straight, strong menthol
  13. ORIGINAL SIN - Ripe, delicious apple flavor
  14. PEACH PERFECT - Bold and beautiful peach
  15. PLUM CRAZY - Unique, sweet plum flavor
  16. RAZZMATAZZ - Sensuous, juicy raspberry
  17. ROMANCING THE STRAWBERRY - Creamy, strawberry puree
  18. SINGING THE BLUES - Pure, fresh blueberry
  19. WICKED WATERMELON - Pure, juicy watermelon