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Is Your E-Juice GMO-Free?

GMO vs. Organic

Yes! You won't find genetically modified ingredients in any Kai's Virgin Vapor e-juice. 

We strongly believe in consumer's right to know and to chose based on that knowledge whether they want to consume GMO ingredients or not.  Here at Kai's Virgin Vapor we've decided that we'd rather not!  We're against GMO's, if only because if there's anything that Monsanto's sordid history has taught us it is that giving giant corporations the power of the patent over life forms is probably a bad idea!  We work directly with our ingredient suppliers to assure that no GMO's are present in any of our vape juices.

Certified organic flavorings cannot be extracted from genetically modified organisms. This is because the USDA National Organic Program specifically prohibits the inclusion of any genetically modified ingredients in any certified organic product.  In addition to organic certification for individual flavors, our organic certifier, CCOF, also looks at all ingredients that go into our e-juices and certifies that they meet the standards of the National Organic Program--which means no GMO's.  So the finished product, your e-juice, is separately certified to be GMO free along with the certification for the individual ingredients.

Our vegetable glycerin is also certified organic and cannot contain GMO's for the same reason.  In addition, our VG supplier specifically and separately certifies our VG to be GMO-free giving yet another layer of protection.

But what about the tobacco plants from which our nicotine is extracted?  It is surprising to remember that the very first genetically modified plant was, in fact, a tobacco plant!  It was engineered to be resistant to antibiotics and grown for the first time in 1982.  Tobacco plants also featured in the very first field trials of GMO crops in 1986, this time engineered to resist herbicides. A year later, tobacco popped up yet again when it was the first plant to be engineered to be resistant to insects. Who knew the humble tobacco plant featured so heavily on the pages of historical GMO development?

Tobacco Plants
Tobacco Plants

Either way, you don't have to worry about GMO tobacco leaves making their way into your vape juice. Our nicotine is extracted from hand picked, certified organic tobacco leaves grown in North Carolina.  We can trace the source of the nicotine in your e-juice bottle to the exact acre where the original organic tobacco plant was grown!

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