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I Don't Like My Vape Juice Flavor

I Don't Like My Flavor

Taste preferences are developed over a person's lifetime and expectation plays a big role. For instance, many people are conditioned to expect a particular flavor when they taste something that is "pineapple flavored." However, the taste they are expecting may actually be an artificial flavor developed in a lab that doesn't really resemble the fruit itself all that much. Since we source our flavors from real fruits, they can taste a bit different from what you may have been conditioned to expect.

People also just have different likes and dislikes and flavor preferences are as individual and different as you are. Taste is subjective and a flavor that may be an all day vape for someone may not appeal to you at all. 

For these reasons, we can't guarantee you'll enjoy a particular flavor and we can't accept returns for flavors you just don't care for that much.

However, we absolutely want you to find flavors that you will love and we offer several ways to help you do that. 

  1. Call us on the phone before you place an order. We can help guide you to flavors that are likely to suit your palate by asking you a few simple questions. We can also help you select stronger or subtler flavor profiles to suit your preferences.
  2. We offer a vape juice flavor sample pack. It comes with three 4 mL bottles in your choice of flavors. This pack comes with a guarantee: find flavors that you love or we'll send you a second set of samples free of charge.
  3. For new customers, we throw in a free sample with your first order. We'll pick something we think you'll like but if you have a particular flavor you want to try, leave us a note with your order and we'll follow your instructions.
  4. If you're a regular customer and you want to branch out and try something new, shoot us an email or give us a call when you place an order. We're happy to throw in a free sample here and there to help you try before you buy.

Please be sure to always buy a small bottle first to try out a new flavor or contact us for help selecting a flavor that will suit your palate.

You can also read more about the difference between artificial flavors and the flavor profile of our organic and natural vape juices in our article, "Do Your Organic E-Juices Taste Different?"

Try our premium organic vape juice today!

Happy vaping!