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Do Your Organic & Natural Flavors Taste Different?

Yes! Because our e-liquid flavors are extracted from the real thing, the flavor profile is different from their artificial counterparts. In addition, because we don't add any sugar or artificial sweeteners to our e-juice and regularly test for diacetyl and diacetyl analogues, we offer a unique flavor profile.  There's a big difference between artificial flavors versus e-liquid flavors that are made from the real thing.

We use only USDA certified organic and natural flavors to craft our e-liquid.  Because of this, the flavor profile can be quite different from your average e-juice. Artificial flavors taste very different from the real thing.  Your brain and taste buds have come to associate the artificial version of “pineapple” or “banana” with those flavors but, in fact, real pineapple and real bananas taste quite different.  Our e-liquids are going to taste much more like the real thing.  That’s because they are made from the real thing!  Most of our flavors are extracted from exactly what the flavor description states.  In the flavor industry, it’s called “from the named fruit,” meaning the flavor comes from the fruit named in the title rather than from an amalgamation of chemical flavors that recreate an artificial approximation of the named fruit.  It’s a very different experience.  We like to compare it to the difference between eating Skittles versus biting into a fresh, ripe, sweet fruit.  It’s a different taste experience but one that we think is better.

In addition, we don’t add anything to sweeten our e-liquids.  The sweetness comes directly from the fruits, flower blossoms or honey that the flavor is extracted from.  Many regular e-liquids contain added sugars and artificial sweeteners so your taste buds may need to adjust a bit.  If you’ve ever taken a bite of fruit and then bit into something artificially flavored and sweetened like a piece of candy and then went back to the fruit, you will have noticed that the fruit suddenly doesn’t taste sweet any more.  That’s because you’ve knocked your taste buds over the head with that sugar punch and it takes a little while for them to recover.  They will!

Lastly, we regularly test for diacetyl and diacetyl analogues as well and publicly publish the results (see our Regulatory Page for details of our latest lab test results).  Diacetyl is a naturally occurring compound present in many foods that imparts a creamy or buttery taste.  It is perfectly safe to eat, however, it has been linked to an extremely serious and potentially fatal lung disease when heated and inhaled.  Despite this fact, many, many e-liquids on the market today contain high levels of diacetyl or diacetyl analogues.  They are either added or come present in varying degrees in commercially available flavors.  E-liquid manufacturers allow them to be present either out of ignorance, lack of knowledge on testing protocols, or simple greed.  The reality is, diacetyl tastes good!  A high diacetyl e-liquid is going to appeal to a lot of vapers and keep them coming back for more and this gives unscrupulous e-liquid makers a competitive advantage.  

Because we make our e-liquids differently, they do taste different.  They sing across your taste buds in a unique way, and their richness lies not in a buttery, diacetyl mouth feel or an artificial candy "pow" to the taste buds but in deeply nuanced flavor that can only come from the real thing.

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