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Too Much or Not Enough Flavor

My Vape Juice Doesn't Have Enough Flavor or Has Too Much

Does your vape juice have too much flavor? Or does it seem like you can barely taste it? Over the years we've developed some tips and tricks for coaxing the perfect amount of flavor out of your vape juice to hit the sweet spot that suits your personal preferences.

Complaints about flavor strength can sometimes feel frustrating for us, as an e-juice manufacturer. It is logical to assume that when the flavor is too strong or too weak, it's because of the e-juice itself. However, there are a lot of factors that influence how much flavor comes through when you vape that have nothing to do with what's in the bottle.

When we get a new batch of flavor in, for example, we test it in four different e-cig devices. Many vapers, especially vapers who are new to the world of electronic cigarettes, would be amazed at how different the same flavor will taste in different e-cigs! Different flavor notes will come forward or fade, the flavor strength will vary and the various settings will create radically different vape experiences.

Personal preferences also play a huge role. We'll get calls from two different customers, one of who thinks a particular flavor is too strong and the other who claims it's too weak.

Lastly, many people are used to candy flavored vape juices that are filled with artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners. Our organic and natural vape juices contain no artificial colors and we never add sweeteners of any kind. All of the flavor and sweetness come from the actual fruits, flower blossoms, coffee beans or tea that the flavor was extracted from. This creates incredibly true-to-live and deeply nuanced flavors. But if you're expecting our flavors to taste like Halloween candy, we may not be the right vape juice manufacturer for you!

With that said, over the years, we've developed some tricks to help you coax the perfect flavor out of your e-juice:

Did You Shake the Bottle?

As with all components of e-liquid, the flavoring can separate over time. It will tend to float on the top of the bottle. Always be sure to shake your e-liquid well before each use.  This will ensure an even distribution of flavor.  If you forget to shake, you could be getting too much flavor by skimming just the flavor off the top or too little flavor if you're pulling from the bottom of the bottle.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your E-Cig?

We know from experience that some e-cigs are just not well designed. Older or inexpensive models often just don't produce much flavor and there's not much that can be done about it.

If you are using an older or inexpensive e-cig and aren't tasting much flavor, we strongly urge you to upgrade. In particular, models that offer variable wattage will give you far more control over the flavor they produce and are well worth the investment.

We know it can be a difficult decision to try a new e-cig starter kit and to face the accompanying learning curve but the benefits are great and we are here to help you in any way we can.

If flavor is what you are after, we highly recommend the Innokin Adept. We make it easy to preview the model with our product features guide and easy to get up and running with step by step photo tutorials.

Are You Using the Right Ohms Level?

Some e-cigs come with the ability to adjust the heat produced to create the vapor. This can be accomplished using an e-cig that offers variable wattage but you can also get part of the way there by using a coil with a different ohms rating.

To keep it simple, ohms is a measure of how freely electricity is able to travel. When you swap your coil out for a different ohms rating, that rating will produce either more heat or less heat. In turn, the amount of heat applied to the vape juice will dramatically influence how much flavor comes through.

More heat is not always better. In fact, some flavors disappear if they are heated too high. Others only really pop when they got heated enough. Each individual flavor has a different "sweet spot," that ideal range that will bring out the best it has to offer. So if you're not getting the flavor level you desire and you're not ready to upgrade you entire e-cig set up, try swapping out your coil for a different ohms rating.

As you play with ohms ratings and flavor, just keep in mind that higher ohms (like 1.8 or 2.4) will produce less heat while lower ohms (like 0.8 or even 0.2) will produce more heat. To learn more about how ohms ratings can affect your vape experience, check out our blog post, What's the Difference Between Ohms Ratings?

It should be added that the power of your battery has an even greater effect on the heat produced, but if you're using a variable voltage e-cig, we're pretty sure you already know all about this. : )

Does Your Vape Juice Need to Steep?

Steeping involves letting an e-juice age to allow the flavors to mix, blend, ripen and mature, much like a fine wine gets better with time.  Steeping time can last anywhere from a single day to several weeks or more for maximum flavor richness.

Vape juice made with propylene glycol often doesn't need to steep because PG is a better flavor carrier than vegetable glycerin. All of our vape juices are 100% PG-free so they will benefit more from a couple extra days to steep. Steeping can help the flavor infuse fully into the VG, creating a more potent vape even though you're vaping 100% VG juice.

Steeping will not magically transform a flavor that you just don't care for, but it will enrich and deepen one that you love or improve a flavor from good to great.  The balance of flavors in an e-juice can also change over time, making one flavor note come to the front while another becomes more delicate.  Steeping generally makes a flavor richer, deeper, more luscious.  The difference can be subtle, but worth it! 

If you have a flavor that you love in a larger bottle size, you may notice that it seems like it just keeps getting better over time. This is the magic of steeping!

To steep your vape juice, just give them a good hard shake and set them aside in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard or a shelf in a closet. Give them a week or two and check along the way, shaking again each time, to see when they taste "done" to you.

To steep or not to steep is really a personal choice.  Most Kai's Virgin Vapor flavors taste great right out of the box. If you like the way a flavor tastes, go ahead and use it!  But if you can give it a little time, it might just get even better!

Is Your Vape Juice Too Cold?

Cold can also significantly impact flavor. If your vape juice is chilled from sitting outside in a cold climate the flavor may be significantly diminished.

Some vapers also like to store their e-liquids in the refrigerator or even the freezer.  They do this because colder temperatures will preserve the nicotine level of e-juice making it the preferred method for long term storage (for unused vape juice you plan to store for months or even years for later use).  For regular usage, however, there is no reason to keep vape juice in cold storage.  In fact, vaping cold e-juice can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the flavor.  Always bring your vape juice up to room temperature before use.

Did You Pick a Naturally Light Flavor?

Some of our flavors are naturally lighter than others. Celestial Honeydew, Coconut Conniption and Wicked Watermelon are naturally lighter flavors. They're perfect for summer time or for all day vaping but they won't hit you over the head like some of our other flavors (Best Damn Tobacco and Menthol Moon Drops, we're talking about you!). If you'd like guidance to help you find flavors that pack a bigger punch, just give us a call.

Let Us Know!

We do everything we can to make sure all of our customers are happy with every purchase, so please let us know if you're still having trouble.

We also keep detailed data on all comments, complaints and suggestions we receive and review this data regularly to help us improve both our product and service.  If you feel a flavor is too light or too strong and none of the other suggestions have helped, please let us know!  We'll keep your comment in mind when we do our next review and, if other customers are saying the same thing, we'll make adjustments to suit our customer's tastes.

Call us at (844) 303-4545, email us at: or click on the green "Support" button in the bottom right hand corner of every page of our website. We're standing by.

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