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What Is the Difference Between Ohms Ratings?

August 10, 2018

 Coils frequently come with a choice of ohm ratings.  What does the ohms rating mean and what difference does this make to the vaping experience?

Simply put, ohms is a measure of electrical resistance or how freely electricity is able to travel.  Lower ohms will produce more heat and this will affect vapor production, throat hit, temperature of vapor and flavor.  

At an experiential level, LOWER OHMS:

  • Will run hotter, producing a warmer vapor
  • Will create more vapor
  • Will produce more throat hit
  • Will affect the flavor produced either by producing more flavor or by diminishing it.  This is individual to each flavor as each flavor has it's own "set point."
  • Will drain your battery faster
  • Will go through e-liquid a little faster which increases the likelihood of a dry hit if  your e-cigarette can't keep up with the rate of use

At an experiential level, HIGHER OHMS:

  • Will run a bit cooler producing a cooler vapor
  • Will create less vapor
  • Will produce a smoother vape with less throat hit
  • Will affect the flavor produced either amplifying or diminishing it depending on the individual flavor.
  • Will allow your battery to last longer between charges
  • Will use less e-liquid

So which one is better?  That is up to your personal preferences but hopefully this guide will help you decide!

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