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Will Your 100% VG E-Juice Clog My Coils?

We custom thin our VG based vape juices with pure, distilled water in order to mimic the thinner viscosity of PG. 

We performed extensive testing to determine the exact viscosity that works best for today's modern hardware and most closely matches the best selling PG based e-liquids on the market. Our resulting formulation prevents the problems many users experience with VG bases due to the e-juice being too thick to wick correctly in many electronic cigarettes. Our VG-based vape juices work just fine in most electronic cigarettes.

However, if you experience frequent dry hits, you may need to adjust the viscosity slightly to better suit your particular vaping device and personal vaping style. This can easily be done by adding a couple drops of distilled water to you e-juice tank. The distilled water will thin the liquid further making it easier for it to wick faster, thus better keeping up with your vaping.

For a 2017 update on our e-liquid viscosity, please see: 100% VG E-liquid Viscosity Update

We also pride ourselves on the exceptionally high quality VG we have developed for our vape juice base.  For a deep dive into this ingredient, see our blog post: Ingredient Spotlight: Kai's Virgin Vapor Vegetable Glycerin

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