E-liquid Viscosity Update: March 2017 - Kai's Virgin Vapor, A Private Vape Club

E-liquid Viscosity Update: March 2017

Over the last 3 months we have been removing water from certain flavors which makes the viscosity of the e-liquid thicker but keeps it in-line with other e-liquid manufacturers.


Because the new generation hardware works better with e-liquid that is the natural viscosity of VG.  The flavor is stronger and for those that care, the cloud is denser as well.


1.   VG is temperature sensitive so vape at room temperature.  If it is colder, there may be less flavor and you can also end up with e-liquid sputter in your mouth.

2.   Keep your battery charged. We observe that the Modern-era coils and tanks work best when the batteries are 50+% charged. More flavor, more cloud, less sputter in your mouth.

3.   The older, smaller "pen style" hardware doesn't have the power or coil design that vapes the higher viscosity e-liquid as well.  Please consider upgrading.

4.  Should you feel that your e-liquid is too thick, it's easy to thin it by adding just a few drops of distilled water. This is a good trick to know in case you ever find yourself in a jam.

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