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Check out some of the reviews of our vape juice from independent reviewers around the web. 

Tia Vapes

The famous e-liquid YouTube reviewer, Tia Vapes, has done several reviews of our products.  She became a huge fan of our flavors after trying them out!

Vapor Vanity

Vapor Vanity reviewed seven of our flavors, Razzmatazz, The Jet Set, Death by Chocolate, Romancing the Strawberry, Zen Cloudscape, Northern Lights and Plum Crazy. Find out which one was their favorite!

Stephanie Stebbins

Stephanie is an e-juice reviewer who has a particular fondness for fruit flavors. Her review after trying out six of our fruit flavored vape juices?  "Kai's Virgin Vapor is the best fruit ejuice I have tried!" We never get tired of hearing that! : )

Vapor Vanity

Vapor Vanity reviewed seven flavors. The verdict? "Kai’s Virgin Vapor freaking nailed it!"  "Some of the best all-natural e-liquid in the world." Check it out!

Spinfuel Magazine

Spinfuel Magazine has awarded us multiple Spinfuel Choice Awards. Check out their team review panel's assessment of Razzmatazz, Plum Crazy and Maple French Toast!

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