In Business Since 2010!

We’ve been in business since 2010 which makes us ancient among e-liquid companies.  To have stayed in business that long through all the changes and challenges in the electronic cigarette industry, we must be doing something right!

Way back in 2010, almost no one in the United States knew what an "e-cigarette" was and most e-liquid was manufactured in China. It was virtually impossible to find out what was in your vape juice and best practices for e-liquid manufacturing were not yet established. Vape companies were springing up overnight, many of them manufacturing out of someone's spare room, garage or even a kitchen that was also being used to put dinner on the table. Little thought or research had gone into what should and should not be added to e-juice and pretty much anything went. We like to think of those days as the Wild West of Vaping! 

Kai's Virgin Vapor was born out of a desire to give vapers a better choice.  We felt like vapers should be able to know exactly what went into their e-liquid and that good manufacturing practices backed up by laboratory testing should be the hallmark of any company making something you are going to put into your body.  Since no one was doing that back in 2010, we decided to start Kai's Virgin Vapor and do it ourselves.

We’ve managed to stick around this long because, unlike many companies jumping on the bandwagon to make a quick buck, from the very beginning we have gone above and beyond in pursuit of safety, quality and purity. We have been pioneers in the industry, insisting on third party laboratory testing, full ingredient disclosure, extensive safety protocols, batch traceability and, of course, only the very highest quality ingredients money can buy. We wouldn’t do business any other way. We hope you will appreciate everything we have put into crafting our ultra premium, organic e-liquids and that they will bring enjoyment and happiness to your life.