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How Do I Find a Discount Code or Coupon?

We don't offer public codes so don't waste your time looking on those coupon sites! However, there are two great ways to find out about discount codes, specials, deals and coupons for Kai's Virgin Vapor right here.

Check Out Our Deals and Specials Page

This page will feature our most up to date special offers. We're constantly looking for new ways to delight our customers with fun and exciting offers, free gifts, and discounts so check this page every time you shop. You can find it by going to the "Try Flavors" drop down menu at the top right of our website and selecting "Deals & Specials."

Or just click this link:

Sign Up For Our Newsletter

If you want notification about our latest offers, sign up for our newsletter. Just enter your email in the box on the lower right corner at the bottom of our website. You'll get an email with a 10% off discount code right away just for signing up.

We'll also send out regular emails that will offer you discounts for placing future orders as well as helpful information that will guide you on your vaping journey. And, of course, you'll receive notice of any sales or special offers we run.

We also post some special offers to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, including specials and flash sales so be sure to follow us there.

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Happy vaping!