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Do I Need to Change Coils When I Change Vape Juice Flavors?

Some vapers advocate swapping out your coil each time you switch from one flavor to another. But is this really necessary?

Breaking into a fresh coil every time you want to go from one vape flavor to the next can quickly become expensive so vapers looking to keep costs down in particular may want to carefully consider whether the benefits outweigh the cost.

Bottom line, whether you switch out to a fresh coil when moving from one e-juice flavor to another or not is really a personal choice. Undoubtedly, there’s nothing better than that crystal clear, fresh coil taste you can only get by starting with a virgin coil. For flavor purists, swapping coils can be well worth the hassle and expense.

If you don’t start with a fresh coil, you’ll taste residual flavor from your previous e-juice, at least for a while, and that flavor will affect your experience of the new flavor. However, unless the previous flavor was especially strong or incompatible with your new flavor selection, the residual flavor will tend to fade away fairly quickly.

For some flavors, residual coil flavor creeping into the mix can even be a plus. A little residual Death by Chocolate harmonizing with a fresh tank of Romancing the Strawberry just might turn out to be your new favorite combo!

However, other flavor mixes can definitely be a no go. Celestial Honeydew and Best Damn Tobacco? No thanks! Dark Roast Turkish Coffee and Lemon Rosewater? Not so much!

For Kai’s Virgin Vapor flavors, as a general guideline we recommend a new coil when:

  • Moving from Dark Roast Turkish Coffee to a light fruit flavor as the coffee taste tends to stick around and doesn’t go great with fruit.
  • Moving from Best Damn Tobacco to any other flavor with the exception of Death by Chocolate or Peach Perfect. Tobacco with a chocolate or peach note actually happens to be quite delightful!
  • Moving from a floral flavor (including Afterglow, Bed of Roses, Blue Vango or Lemon Rosewater) to any other flavor. Floral vapes are unique and complex tastes and things can tend to get a little too busy when you try to meld them with anything else.
  • Moving from Menthol Moon Drops to any flavor where an “iced” version does not sound appealing. Keep in mind that a light menthol kick can actually taste great mixed with a fruit flavor, with tobacco (think menthol cigarettes) or even with chocolate. That said, it isn’t likely to be a winner when you’re switching to a floral flavor (such as Afterglow, Bed of Roses, Blue Vango or Lemon Rosewater).
  • Moving to Coconut Conniption from any other flavor that doesn’t sound like it would taste good with coconut. Coconut Conniption is a light and delicate flavor and the flavor notes are likely to get lost or jumbled without a fresh coil to let this flavor shine.

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