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Burnt, Funny or Bad Taste or Smell

Getting a burnt taste when you vape? Does that juice smell off and you think you left it in the sun for too long? Do you think you can taste the nicotine when you vape? We answer all your odd taste and smell questions when it comes to vape juice.

Burnt or Singed Taste or Smell When You Vape

Getting a burnt or singed taste when you take a puff is quite common although a few times inexperienced vapors have angrily accused us of selling them burnt vape juice! The truth is, a burnt or singed taste or smell is always coming from your hardware. It's better known as "a dry hit."

A dry hit happens when you hit your e-cig and there's not enough vape juice soaking into the wick inside your coil so the material of the wick itself gets singed. It tastes something awful and dry hitting a coil too many times can actually make it so burnt that it permanently gives off that terrible taste.

In order to avoid getting a dry hit, you have to keep your coil nice and wet. When e-cigs work like they should, this isn't a problem. But some e-cigs aren't well made, malfunction at times or you may have paired your hardware up with a coil that makes the whole thing just a bit too powerful--like adding a rocket to the back of a skateboard!

If you keep dry hitting, try opting for a coil with a higher ohms rating. Remember, even though it's counter intuitive, higher ohms means less heat while lower ohms means more heat. Raise your ohms level to bring down the heat. The lower heat will make it so you go through your vape juice more slowly which will reduce the chance of getting a dry hit.

You'll also want to check to see if your e-cig manufacturer has a recommendation on the PG/VG ratio for use in their hardware. Some e-cig models are manufactured to only be used with propylene glycol based vape juice. Our vegetable glycerin based vape juice won't wick very well in these.

There is one trick though that might help. You can try adding a couple drops of distilled water to your tank to thin out the vape juice slightly. The thinner consistency will allow it to move more freely, thus more quickly rushing in to replenish your wick as you vape. This often does the trick.

If you try this, make sure you use distilled water as it's the most pure. It's usually best to add the water directly to your tank a few drops at a time. That way, if you add too much, you won't have ruined your whole bottle of vape juice. A little goes a long way so really just a few drops should achieve the desired effect. If not, try just a few more but don't overdo it. If you thin too much, your vape juice may tend to drain out of any available holes in your e-cig and things can get messy quick!

Chemical Taste or Smell

If you notice a taste or smell that seems "chemically," you're either tasting the nicotine itself or you're especially sensitive to the organic ethyl alcohol that is present in small amounts in a few of our flavors. We go over alcohol content in more detail below.

What does nicotine actually taste like? Most vapers describe it as "peppery," "harsh" or "chemically." Nicotine actually has a pretty bold flavor profile, although it's usually covered up by flavor.

If you're tasting the nicotine itself, give your vape juice bottle a good long, hard shake to mix it up. You should always mix your e-juice before each use since the various components can separate over time.  If you don't shake, you may get more or less nicotine or flavor in a given tank full, throwing off the taste.

The nicotine we use is of extremely high quality and purity so, when fully mixed, you should generally no longer be able to taste it unless you're using 12 or 18 mg and are either particularly sensitive to the taste or are using a very light flavor such as Coconut Conniption which doesn't mask the taste of nicotine quite as well.

Occasionally, a particular vape flavor may just rub you the wrong way. Every person has a unique sense of smell and taste and what may seem delicious to one person may not play well with the sensory apparatus of someone else.

For example, a few people swear they taste a "pine" note in our Fresh Thai Mango while some others think our Razzmatazz smells weird even though they love the taste. Everyone is different and it's surprising how uniquely people can perceive flavor and aroma. If a particular flavor isn't for you, move on and try something else.

Alcohol Taste or Smell

A couple of our flavors come in a base of organic ethyl alcohol which is used to extract the flavor from the original ingredients such as fruit, coffee beans, flower blossoms or tobacco leaves. A few of our other flavors have very small trace amounts of alcohol, in the range of about one quarter of one percent. At this level, we have yet to come across a customer who can actually pick up on the taste so we'll just focus on the first category.

It's an odd thing, but we've found that 95% of people neither taste nor smell the alcohol component. For example, one of our long time customer service agents fell into this category and couldn't taste or smell it at all but her sister fell into our second category. A small number of people do taste the alcohol component and find it quite bothersome. Fortunately, it's generally easy to remedy if you find that you are one of these people.

  • Place your uncapped e-juice in a cool dark area where it can be left for a few days or up to a week undisturbed.  If you prefer, you can cover the container with a paper towel loosely held in place with a rubber band or string, but the air needs to flow freely. 
  • BE CERTAIN to place your open e-juice out of reach of children or pets! A high shelf in a cupboard is a good choice as long as you can see your bottle well enough that it won't spill when you reach up to retrieve it.
  • You can swish the vape juice around in the bottles now and then if you're in a hurry to speed up the process.
  • Leaving the bottle open will allow the residual alcohol component to evaporate and, after a few days to a week, you won't be able to taste it any more.

The next time you want to place an order, give us a call and we can point you to flavors that aren't extracted using ethyl alcohol. Most of our flavors fall into this category so there's still lots to chose from!

Rancid or "Off" Taste or Smell

While rare, vape juice can go bad when exposed to extreme heat. The vegetable glycerin (VG) is the component that can go off. This won't happen if you leave your e-juice in the car for a day or two or if it gets heated up a bit in the mail. It generally only occurs after prolonged, intense exposure to heat.

We had one customer report that she lost a number of bottles after leaving them sitting in her office exposed to direct sunlight for several months during a particularly hot Australian summer.  For this reason, always keep your e-juice away from direct sunlight and preferably in a cool, dark place.

Try our premium organic vape juice today!

Happy vaping!