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Innokin Adept: Product Features Guide

Follow our photo guide to find out about the features of the Innokin Adept e-cig starter kit, learn what we love about this model and be alerted to any shortcomings, and get all the info you need to decide if this is the e-cig starter kit for you!

The Innokin Adept is a solidly built and especially beautiful e-cig model. It's manufactured by Innokin, a company that has been around since 2011 and has striven to bring quality control and innovation to the e-cig market. The company holds numerous e-cig patents and continues to be a leader in the e-cig hardware market with their unique and high quality designs.

What We Love About the Innokin Adept

What do we love about this e-cig starter kit? Just about everything! This is hands down our favorite e-cig that we've ever carried.

In fact, when we first test drove this e-cig model, we exclaimed, "It's as if someone sat down and made a list of all the design flaws, the hassles, the drawbacks and the headaches found in e-cig design and set out to solve them all!"

Well, that was actually pretty much how it happened! The Innokin Adept was designed by Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis, two long time vaping advocates. Busardo has been an e-cig reviewer for 10  years and Agrafiotis serves as the executive director of the Tennessee Smoke Free Association working tirelessly for sane vaping public policy.

These two heavyweights did, in fact, sit down and managed to design the leaking, spitback, gurgling and dry hits common to almost every e-cig model into virtual non-existence.

When used correctly (there is a small learning curve), this e-cig eliminates the usual headaches such as spit back of juice into the mouth, leaking and burnt coils. Eliminating these persistent and common issues is a major accomplishment and really makes this model stand out from the crowd. This e-cig is also pretty much completely mess free to refill as well.

Just as exception is the flavor you get with this model. Even lighter, more delicate flavors like Coconut Conniption will shine all day long when vaped in the Innokin Adept. You'll also get more nuance to the flavors you vape, revealing their true complexity. It's like vaping in Technicolor after being used to black and white.

Innokin Adept in Hand

With its rubberized grip, the Adept feels great in the hand and you can tell that it is constructed of quality materials. Because it is so well put together, it can survive the usual knocks and jostles of life better than other models.

In fact, you can actually drop this e-cig in water and it will keep on trucking! That's right, it's waterproof! This feature comes in handy for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys the occasional puff while in the bathtub. Heck, you can even literally vape with this thing in the shower!

Plus, it's dust proof and shockproof thanks to the plug covering the charging port and the durable construction.

Checkout this 1 minute video to see this e-cig fished out of the dirt, washed in a stream and perched in running water all without damage:

Speaking of outdoor enthusiasts, we love the camo color option, making this e-cig an ultra cute or ultra manly accessory to bring on your next camping trip! If camo isn't your thing, you can opt for basic black or pure white or you can go for a bold purple or multi-colored option and then get creative with the color of your drip tip and/or tank.

We love that the parts of this model are interchangeable, allowing you to mix and match different color drip tips or to pair the battery with a larger, 4 mL vape juice tank if 2 mL isn't enough to keep you going.

Innokin Adept Product Features

The Innokin Adept comes with a whopping 3000 mAh battery. That's enough battery power to last all day, even with the bigger battery power demands of higher wattage vaping. Pair this with the larger, 4 mL tank and you're good to go for hours.

We always appreciate e-cigs that are designed to allow you to vape while the battery is plugged in and charging. No matter how well you try to plan, there are always going to be those desperate moments when you've drained all your batteries and you're stressing out like it's 2020! No need to panic, the Innokin Adept lets you vape while you also charge the battery.

The incredible flavor this e-cig produces is another major design accomplishment. The specially designed coils that are made to produce exceptional flavor definitely deliver. You'll experience more sweetness, more nuance, and more richness with every puff.

Innokin Adept Variable Wattage

The exceptional flavor is achieved in part by the fact that this model offers variable wattage vaping. The best thing, however, is that you don't need to understand a thing about wattage to enjoy the benefits. You don't even need to know that raising the wattage is what you're doing, all you do is push a button to increase the bars that appear in the readout. More bars = higher wattage which means increased heat and power.

The higher heat will adjust the flavor and temperature of the vapor, enabling you to fine tune your vaping experience. You can check out our How to Guide to learn just how easy it is to control the wattage and achieve the vaping experience you want.

The vape juice tank is made out of glass, not plastic, which is what we recommend to avoid possible BPA exposure. With most e-cig hardware manufactured in China, we believe it is safest to stay away from plastic altogether because it is often difficult if not impossible to find out what type of plastic is used in tank construction. Because an e-cig tank is heated and contains vape juices that may be acidic, they present a higher risk of leaching BPA into the contents, which is then heated and inhaled directly into your lungs. We believe it is best to avoid this unknown risk and use glass tanks instead.

If you want to learn more vape-specific tips on avoiding this plasticizer chemical that's been linked to obesity and plenty of other health conditions you don't want, check out our Vaper's Guide to Avoiding BPA.

In addition, the kit comes with an assortment of O-rings and a replacement glass tube so you can keep it well maintained and working for a long time to come. If you end up accidentally cracking the glass tank, you can easily pop in a new one, no tools or special skills required. The seals and O-rings can likewise be replaced to ensure a continued seal throughout the life of the tank.

We also love that the vape juice tank is child resistant. Vape regulations governing e-liquid bottles aim to add child resistant features and to limit the amount of vape juice than can be dispensed to 2 mL or less. However, a vape juice tank can also just as easily be accidentally accessed by a child and tanks don't usually offer any safety features to prevent ingestion. This model does. The drip tip acts as a stopper than prevents the tank from being slid open until it is removed making opening the tank a two-step process that is super easy for an adult but too complicated for tiny hands.

Please note that the replacement drip tip that comes with this e-cig starter kit enables you to bypass this child safety feature so it is up to you whether you want to use it or not.

You can see the beauty of the Zlide tank as well as an exploded view of the inside of the tank and a quick walk through of features in this 30 second video:

Another nice features is the 3-click on/off. Most e-cigs these days offer this feature, which allows you to turn the unit off so you can stow it in your purse or pocket without having to worry that the fire button will be accidentally pressed.

However, most models require 5-clicks to activate. Pressing a button five times within a couple seconds can actually be a little tricky and we've always thought that five was a bit of overkill. Well, problem solved. Clicking the fire button only three times seems nearly five times easier! Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

Innokin Adept Safety Features

Speaking of safety features, this model has overheat, overcharge, over voltage, over discharge and short circuit protection built in. These features add safety by preventing the battery from being overheated and they also protect battery life. We never felt the unit heat up in our hand, even when vaping heavily, something we can't say for most units we've test driven.

What We Didn't Like About this E-cig

It's hard to find fault with this beautifully designed and highly functional model. It performed flawlessly in all of our testing and truly stole our hearts! If we had to come up with a downside, we'd say that this e-cig is somewhat bulky.

Tipping the scales at around 7 ounces with vape juice in the tank, this starter kit may be too heavy for some, especially new vapers who are used to smoking cigarettes. It's also on the larger side, measuring just over 5 inches long with the 2 mL tank installed. While the fabulous flavor and ease of use more than made up for the bulk, size is an important consideration for some and this model is decidedly hefty to tote around in a micro purse or pocket.

If you just can't get your head around lifting a 7 ounces machine to your lips every time you vape, you may want to go with the Aspire Nautilus Prime instead. You'll lose some flavor but you'll still have control over your wattage and you may be happier with the smaller, lighter package.

Lastly, and we feel a little nitpicky for pointing this out, we fault this model for the use of a mini USB port for the charging cord. USB ports and cables are continually evolving and we wish this e-cig used the latest version, the USB-C. USB-C is the model that is most up to date, consistent with the latest USB cords customers are likely to have at home, and USB-C also generally offers faster charging times.

We unreservedly recommend this model, as long as the size and look suit your needs. Our customers love the reliability, the exceptional flavor, the lack of major design flaws and the easy of use. We hope this guide has helped you feel like you understand the pros and cons of this model.

You can also check out our How to Guide to learn basic operation along with how to customize your vaping experience or jump over to our Troubleshooting Guide to quickly fix the most common issues our customers encounter when getting up and running with the Innokin Adept.

Happy vaping!