WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smok Nord Product Features Guide

We'll guide you through the various product features with photos, tell you what we love about this model and what falls short, show you how to refill your Smok Nord and give you a run down of everything you need to know about enjoying your new vape starter kit.

The Smok Nord is a pod style electronic cigarette but, in some ways, it's also a bit of a hybrid. It's small like a pod, although not as small as the Rubi, but it vapes like a much bigger model when you use the sub ohm coil included with your starter kit. It will also vape both standard e-juice and nic salts. You kind of get the best of both worlds with this model.

The Smok Nord is small enough to fit in a pocket and elegant enough to look good doing it. It measures 3.7 inches by 1.2 inches by 0.75 inches so it fits easily in the palm of your hand and clocks in at 2.8 ounces.


The Smok Nord is what's called an "open pod system" which means that you can refill it with any vape juice that you prefer. A "closed system" requires only prefilled, proprietary pods which generally limits you to only vaping the e-juice that the manufacturer sells.

This kit gets high marks for flavor. Our organic and natural flavors are a bit more heat sensitive than the artificial flavors in most vape juice so we find that they really shine in lower powered devices. There's some variation with the different coils but overall the flavor production is pretty comparable to the Rubi, our current flavor champion.

The Rubi may be great for flavor but it comes with some serious hassles. It almost seems like the folks at Smok read our list of complaints about other pod systems and decided to fix them! The rubber stopper that closes the e-juice tank on this model comes attached (thank you!) so there's no danger of having it go flying across the room never to be seen again.

The Smok Nord comes with an 1100 mAh battery which is the largest battery life available for any pod, beating out our previous champion, the Zeltu X (1000 mAh).

The battery will flash different colors to let you know how much battery life is remaining. We love the easy to remember, traffic light color theme Smok used. Green means go, yellow means it's slowing down and red means stop--so easy!

You press the main power button to activate the device when you want to take a puff. The device also features a 5-click safety feature to protect against accidentally activating the device when it's in your purse, pocket or luggage. Click the button 5 times in quick succession to turn the unit on or off.

You recharge your Smok Nord battery using the included USB cable. It features a micro USB on one end which plugs into the end of the battery and a standard USB on the other which plugs into any USB outlet. The USB cord is pretty short which may be a drawback for some but it gets the job done. We like that the Smok Nord uses a standards USB cable so it's easy to swap out if you prefer a longer cord.

You can vape while the device is plugged in and charging (a big plus for those desperate moments when you forget to keep your battery charged) but, given how short the USB cord is, you're going to feel pretty goofy doing it!

The Smok Nord tank also holds a generous 3 mL of e-juice which is quite hefty for a pod. We also love that it has a see through e-liquid window so you can tell how much vape juice is left in your tank without having to disassemble the device.

Assembly is easy. The tank snaps onto the end of the battery.

The coil also snaps easily into the tank. Speaking of tanks and coils, one of the greatest features of the Smok Nord is the fact that these are two separate pieces. In most pods, the coil and tank are combined into a single piece. This means that you have to throw away the tank every time your coil fizzles out. Being able to only replace the part that needs replacing saves you money and hassle. A big plus!

One important caveat and design flaw that we found: if you put the coil in using the wrong orientation, not only will it not go in flush but the coil has a tendency to get seriously stuck. We think Smok should have dummy proofed this a bit more to protect people like us from ourselves--we had to pry one coil out with a pair of pliers!


Make sure you drop your coil into the tank with the white lines oriented to the middle of the device, not the edges!

It's also important to note that if you pull the coil out of your tank while the tank is full, vape juice will drain out the mouthpiece making a serious mess. It's definitely a bit of a pain that you can't swap out your coil unless the tank is empty.

Refilling the tank is also a breeze. Pull the tank until it detaches from the end of the battery.

Lift the rubber stopper plug to open the filling port on the side of the tank.

Fill your tank with the vape juice of your choice.

Push the rubber stopper back into the filling port and you're good to go.

 There are air intake holes near the e-juice window that pull air into the unit and up through the mouthpiece when you take a puff. The Smok Nord doesn't come with a mouthpiece cover which is a small inconvenience. Without a cover, dust or lint can stick to the opening if you stow your e-cig in a purse or pocket that isn't pristine.

Another huge advantage of the Smok Nord is the abundance of coil choices. Many pods come with nothing but the built in option (and that's usually a one piece attached to your tank, too). With the Smok Nord you can chose between regular coils, mesh or ceramic coils.

Your first option is the regular 1.4 ohm coil. This coil is included with the purchase of a starter kit. This is the coil of choice for mouth-to-lung vaping and for vaping nicotine salts. It's a standard coil which means that the heating element consists of a metal coil wrapped around a cotton wick. When the coil heats up, it vaporizes the e-juice that's soaked into the cotton producing the vapor you inhale.

Your second option is the 0.8 ohm mesh coil. As you can see, the design of a mesh coil is slightly different. The coil is made up of a mesh matrix rather than a metal wire. One of the main advantages of this design is the greater surface area of the mesh. This increased contact with the vape juice soaked cotton wick enables a mesh coil to vaporize the e-juice faster and more uniformly. Vapers report increased and better flavor production and these coils tend to last longer as well.

If you like the mesh coil design but want your vape to pack even a bit more of a punch, try the 0.6 ohm mesh coil. Remember, any ohms rating below 1.0 is sub ohm vaping. Stepping down from 0.8 ohm to 0.6 ohm will increase all of the things that make sub ohm vaping enjoyable: more vapor, more flavor, stronger throat hit, more e-juice vaporized with each puff. This is the second coil that is included in a Smok Nord starter kit (along with the 1.4 ohm regular coil).

Your final option is the 1.4 ohm ceramic coil. As the name suggests, in a ceramic coil, the element that actually vaporizes the e-juice is made of ceramic. When many people hear the word "ceramic," they tend to think about pottery classes or glazed kitchen tiles but the world of ceramics has come a long way in recent years. Advanced ceramics are now used for everything from creating false teeth to crafting kitchen knives. Ceramic coils offer a very long useful life compared to other coils due to the fact that they don't conduct heat as well or as quickly as a metal coil. They also offer great flavor production while reducing the occurrence of dry hits or spit back when vaping.

In summary, here is what we love about the Smok Nord:

  • Innovative pod design that separates the coil and the tank so you don't have to replace both pieces when one fizzles out
  • Excellent price point at $29.99 for a starter kit
  • Available in gorgeous colors
  • Attractive design that feels good in the hand
  • No tiny, detachable pieces to struggle with or lose
  • Generous 3 mL e-juice tank
  • E-juice window lets you check remaining liquid without disassembling the unit like most pods
  • Open pod system that can be refilled with any vape juice you desire
  • Pulls double duty as you can vape both standard e-juice and nic salts
  • Excellent battery life for its size
  • Easy to remember traffic light theme for battery indicator lights
  • Nice array of available coil options

Here's the drawbacks we found with this model:

  • When inserting the coil, you MUST remember the correct orientation or you risk getting your coil seriously stuck. We think Smok should have dummy proofed this a bit more as it's easy to forget and we had to use pliers to get one of our coils unstuck
  • You can't swap out the coil if your tank is full without vape juice draining out the mouthpiece and making a mess
  • The included USB cord is super short but, luckily, it's easily replaced since it's not a proprietary charger
  • The device doesn't come with a mouthpiece cover so storing it in your purse or pocket could result in some dust or lint getting onto where your mouth goes

Overall, this is a fantastic little pod that comes in at a great price point, delivers phenomenal flavor and offers customization options with a variety of coils all packed into a gorgeous little device.

Happy vaping!