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SMOK Nord Coils (5 pack)


 The SMOK Nord Replacement Coils are now available!

Coils come in a (5) pack.

0.6 ohm Mesh: This mesh design coil delivers a bit more of a punch than the 0.8 ohm and will provide all the benefits of sub ohm vaping including increased flavor, increased vapor and a more powerful hit on the inhale.

0.8 ohm Mesh-MTL: Use this coil for mouth-to-lung vaping. It's a bit subtler than the 0.6 ohm so use it when you want to inhale directly into your lungs or if you find the 0.6 to be just a bit too powerful.

1.4 ohm Regular: This is the coil of choice for vaping nicotine salts. Since nic salts generally come in higher nicotine levels, they need to be paired with a coil rated above 1.0 like this 1.4 ohm coil.

1.4 ohm Ceramic: This coil is also phenomenal for nic salt vaping but is designed using advanced ceramics in order to provide longer life, better flavor and to reduce the occurrence of dry hits or spit back when vaping.

Type: Coil