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PACT Act Prepper SALE

March 22, 2021

The PACT Act, also referred to as the vape mail ban, is set to go into effect in the next few weeks but no one knows exactly when. The legislation requires the USPS to allow for a public comment period (if you haven't commented, do so now!). The USPS then has until as late as April 26th to review public comments and amend their policies.

However, the USPS could decide to approve the policy quickly and spring it on vapers with little to no warning before April 26th. For this  reason, don't delay in getting prepared!

Kai's Virgin Vapor is working hard to find solutions to lessen the impact of this anti-vaping legislation for our customers and we will announce details soon. In the meantime, we urge our customers to stock up as the initial months after the PACT Act goes into effect will likely be filled with confusion, vape mail delivery delays and even an inability to ship to all zip codes.

We believe in American ingenuity. We believe that, with time, capitalism will find a way to solve the issues imposed on vapers by the PACT Act. However, that could take at least a few months. We strongly urge our customers to have a minimum of 3 months worth of vape juice on hand and, given all the curve balls we keep getting thrown, if you can afford it, keep 6 or more months' worth in your home. PRO TIP: You can store e-juice in the refrigerator or freezer for maximum shelf life.

Be Prepared for Our Website Shut Down

We will be shutting the website from March 27th through March 31st in order to perform work on the back end of the website to enable us to comply with the complex requirements of the PACT Act. This is the first time we have shut down the website in nearly 10 years.

Get your orders in now before the shut down but don't panic, we will come back online on April 1st!

Take Advantage of Sezzle

Take advantage of Sezzle, our e-commerce credit partner. You'll see Sezzle's offer in your cart when you check out. If you qualify, Sezzle will allow you to place a larger order yet spread the payments out over six weeks with no interest or fees (we cover the costs for you).

Samples Are Going to Become Expensive to Ship

Among the products likely to be hardest hit by the PACT Act are samples and hardware.

Samples, even with zero nicotine, will become impossible to ship inexpensively. While we are working to mitigate the unfair shipping cost increases to our customers, we have been unable to find a solution that will enable us to ship samples to our customers at a reasonable price. That's because the PACT Act imposes the same restrictions on zero nicotine vape juice as it does on e-liquid that contains nicotine, including the USPS shipping prohibition and the requirement that an adult sign for each delivery, a service that costs $7 per delivery on average with any carrier on top of shipping costs.

Obviously, it doesn't make economic sense for anyone to ship samples so customers can try a flavor to see if they like the taste before committing to a larger bottle when it costs $15 or $20 in shipping.

If you have your eye on some of our flavors and want to take them for a taste test, now is the time before the cost becomes prohibitive. We have them on sale at a 50% discount right now to make it even easier.

There May Be an E-cig or Coil Shortage

E-cigs, which are almost universally manufactured in China, may be nearly impossible to get for a while as UPS, FedEx and DHL have all refused to ship vape products. These carriers are the most frequently used by vape companies when purchasing inventory and there are few if any alternatives when it comes to air shipping.

Shipping by sea is a potential alternative but shipping times are far longer at the best of times and right now, the ports are experiencing major delays extending shipping times by weeks. Keep in mind that, even after e-cig hardware successfully arrives in the United States, arranging a shipper to transport it from the port to the merchant is yet another hurdle, since all the major carriers have bowed out of vape deliveries.

We expect these issues to get worked out over time but we don't want our customers to suffer during the inevitably bumpy transition. For this reason, we're putting the items we think will likely be the hardest hit by the vape mail ban on sale now.

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