WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Active Age Verification for Purchase of Products Containing Nicotine

We have always worked to prevent the sale of our e-liquids to persons under the legal smoking age.  With changing laws, we have recently increased our efforts.

We use third party age confirmation services and, most of the time, these processes run behind the scenes without any inconvenience to our customers.  Age is verified using credit card and address information and verified by a third party that specializes in maintaining age verification data bases using publicly available information.

However, sometimes we are not able to confirm the age of our customers using these services.  When this happens, we offer our customers two options.  We can verify age by obtaining a copy of a valid I.D. or we can send the order using FedEx's age verification on delivery service.  When using FedEx's service, valid identification showing proof of legal smoking age must be shown to FedEx at the time of delivery.  Our customer service agents are available to help our customers chose the most convenient option for their particular circumstance.

We cannot and will not ship orders to individuals if we are unable to verify that they are of legal smoking age using one of these three methods.

Analysis performed by one of our e-commerce partners shows that our efforts to sell only to adults have been successful. A full 90% of our customers are aged 34 and up and 97% are over 25 years old. Our products are clearly made for and sold to adults of legal vaping age.

Virgin Vapor Age Verification