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Aspire Nautilus Prime Tutorial: Filling the Tank

Refilling your Nautilus Prime E-cig with vape juice is easy once you get the hang of it. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn the ropes.

Step 1

Pull the tank up and out of the unit.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Removing the Tank

Step 2

Turn the tank on its side and locate the rubber stopper that closes the tank.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Rubber Stopper

Step 3

Pull out the stopper. The edge of your fingernail works best but the stopper is pretty easy to dislodge and it shouldn't give you much trouble no matter what method you try.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Rubber Stopper Open

Step 4

Dispense vape juice into the tank. The filling port is relatively small but you should be able to fill the tank using either a glass dropper, a needle nose plastic bottle or an e-juice syringe.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Filling the Tank

Step 5

Replace the rubber stopper and press it firmly in place.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Closing the Tank

Step 6

Snap the tank back into the top of the unit. The tank is shaped so that it's obvious what orientation it needs to be in order to fit in place. Make sure the tank clicks into place and that it is flush with the top of the unit.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Replacing the Tank

Step 7

Enjoy your new Nautilus Prime e-cig starter kit!

Happy vaping!

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