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Aspire Nautilus Prime Tutorial: Replacing the Coil

Follow this photo tutorial to learn how to replace the coil in your Nautilus Prime e-cig starter kit.

Step 1

Pull the vape juice tank up and out of the unit. It snaps out fairly easily if you give it a firm pull.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Removing the Pod

Step 2

Turn the vape juice tank upside down so you can see the metal stopper at the bottom.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Metal Stopper

Step 3

Pull out the metal stopper. The easiest method is to use the edge of your fingernail in the grooves below the top to lift the stopper out. You can also just grab the stopper between your thumb and forefinger and lift.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Removing the Coil

Step 4

Turn the rubber stopper upside down. If you are installing the coil for the first time, you will see the threaded location where the coil screws into place:

Aspire Nautilus Prime No Coil

If you are replacing a spent coil, you will see the old coil affixed to the bottom of the rubber stopper:

Aspire Nautilus Prime Replacing Coil

Step 5

Install a new coil by screwing the head of the coil into the threaded hole.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Installing Coil

Step 6

Once installed, the coil and stopper will look like this:

Aspire Nautilus Prime Coil Installed

Step 7

Return the coil and stopper to the vape juice tank.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Replacing Coil Stopper

Press firmly to make sure the metal edge of the stopper is flush with the tank.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Flush with Tank

Step 8

Return the vape juice tank to the e-cig unit. It clicks into place and should be flush with the rest of the top of the unit.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Tank in Place

Step 9

Put your e-cig aside for 5 minutes to allow e-juice to soak into the fresh coil. If your tank is empty, be sure to fill it up first (you can follow our filling tutorial if you need help learning how to fill the unit).

Wait 5 Minutes

Allowing the coil time to soak up some vape juice is important or you are likely to get a dry hit, a lungful of singed coil that tastes so awful you won't soon forget again! Make sure you give your coil a full 5 minutes to make sure it's good an soaked with e juice.

Step 10

Enjoy your new Aspire e-cig kit and please let us know if you need help!

Happy vaping!


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