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Joyetech Penguin Features: A Pictorial Guide

This photo layout will visually walk you through the product features of the Joyetech Penguin Electronic Cigarette.  You'll see that it looks a little bit like a penguin with its sleek, rounded design.

The Joyetech Penguin

The Penguin ATOPACK Special Edition kit includes everything you need to get started (except e-liquid!).  This kit is manufactured by Joyetech, producer of some of the highest quality products on the market and a long time partner of Kai's Virgin Vapor.  We've carried Joyetech for so many years because they consistently produce products with the highest quality control and safety standards while still coming in at a very reasonable price.  It’s also nice that they’ve been manufacturing electronic cigarettes since way back in 2007.  They’ve helped pioneer the development of the technology and have worked hard to improve safety features and overall user experience.

We love how the Penguin comes in a range of fun and attractive colors!

Joyetech Penguin Colors

We chose the Penguin out of many other electronic cigarettes we tested because it is easy to use and showcases our organic flavors beautifully!  We also love how it fits nicely and comfortably in the palm of the hand.

The Joyetech Penguin

Now let's go in for a closer look. First of all, you’ll find that it’s lighter weight than the original Penguin.  This version clocks in at just 3.3 ounces (95 grams to be exact) when it's empty.  When you add the coil and some e-liquid, it ends up just a bit heavier.

Joyetech Penguin Weights 3.3 Ounces Empty

It stands about 4 inches tall.

Joyetech Penguin 4 Inches Tall

It's also a little under 2 inches at its widest part.

Joyetech Penguin Width Measurement

And just under an inch across.

Joyetech Penguin Length Measurement

The Penguin is an ideal starter electronic cigarette for a new user because it's so easy to use.  It features a simple, one button design.  That means that a single button controls all the features. You push the button to active the unit when you want to take a puff.  You can also use the same button to switch the unit off completely when you want to stow it in your purse, backpack or pocket.  

The unit features a 5-click safety feature.  Click the button five times in rapid succession (within a few seconds) to turn the unit on or to put it to sleep for safe storage.

Joyetech Penguin One Button Design

When you click the button, you'll see the five battery indicator lights appear:

Joyetech Penguin Battery Life Indicator

As you use up the battery, these indicator lights will gradually disappear.  You can tell how much battery life you have remaining using this table:

Joyetech Penguin Battery Life Indicator Table

The battery capacity is 2000 mAh.  MAh stands for milli ampere hour which basically means the energy storage capacity of the battery.  The higher the mAh rating, the longer your battery will last between charges.  An mAh of 2000 is quite decent without being so large that the unit becomes too heavy to use comfortably.  Some other models will have somewhat larger mAh ratings but not without adding a lot of weight and not generally with the same aesthetics and ease of use for a beginner that the Penguin offers.  So we think 2000 mAh is the perfect sweet spot for this unit.

In order to charge the battery, you need to plug it in using the included USB cord.  One end features a micro USB which plugs into the Penguin itself.  The other end features a standard USB which can plug into any USB port such as the one you have on your computer.  You can't charge the Penguin by plugging it directly into a wall outlet (unless you have a USB-to-wall plug which are easy to get if you prefer) so make sure you have access to a USB port to charge.

Joyetech Penguin USB Charging

Remember, the battery is rechargeable but that doesn’t mean it will last forever.  Even rechargeable batteries can only be recharged so many times before it’s time to say goodbye.  Because the battery in this unit is built-in, when the battery kicks it, it's time to buy a new unit.  Fortunately, the Joyetech Penguin is inexpensive and you will more than get your money's worth out of it before you'll need a new one.

The Penguin also has an e-liquid capacity of 8.8 mL which is quite large.  This enables you to fill it and forget it for quite some time without having to fuss with refilling or topping off. It also features a visual e-liquid window that enables you to check how much e-liquid you have remaining in the tank which is a nice feature. 

Joyetech Penguin E-liquid Tank

The body of the Penguin is a sleek plastic while the juice cartridge itself, the tank that holds your e-liquid, is composed of silicone, an inert, non-toxic material,  and PETG, which is approved for use in food and beverage containers.

Joyetech Penguin Tank

When closed, the coil is placed over the opening to the e-liquid tank where it acts like a stopper.  Air flows through an intake hole, down past the e-liquid tank and then through the coil before continuing out the mouthpiece.

Joyetech Penguin Airflow Diagram

The Penguin uses what Joyetech has named the JVIC coil system.  Joyetech makes a big deal out of this system in which the e-liquid is "vertically injected" into the coil (rather than going through horizontally).  We're not sure if the orientation really makes that much difference or if this is just clever marketing.  Either way, the coil does produce great flavor and vapor for such a lightweight model so whatever they are doing, it works!

Joyetech Penguin JVIC System

The unit also comes with coil options. You'll get a 0.6 ohm atomizer head which is ideal for a "mouth to lung" vaping style.  You'll also get a 0.25 atomizer head which is better suited for a "direct to lung" vaping style.  For an explanation of "mouth to lung" and "direct to lung" vaping, see our FAQ Page.  Or find out more about the experiential difference between ohms ratings.

Overall, the Joyetech Penguin is a solid unit that offers ease of use without sacrificing vapor and flavor.  Our customers love it and we're sure you will, too!

Happy vaping!