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FDA Reverses Course on Coronavirus/Vaping Link

April 20, 2020 1 Comment

In a rare reversal, the FDA has changed its stance on the potential role vaping may play in vulnerability to the coronavirus.

On March 27th, FDA spokesman Michael Felderbaum stated in response to an inquiry from Bloomberg News that vaping may put people at risk for more serious complications from the virus.

“People with underlying health issues, such as heart or lung problems, may have increased risk for serious complications from Covid-19. This includes people who smoke and/or vape tobacco or nicotine-containing products," Felderbaum said.

However, the Agency has since changed its tune.

“E-cigarette use can expose the lungs to toxic chemicals, but whether those exposures increase the risk of Covid-19 is not known,” said the Agency when it was asked again about the vaping-coronavirus link by Bloomberg a couple weeks later on April 15th.

For a deeper dive into the myths, rumors and facts surrounding vaping and the coronavirus, check out or blog post from March 29th.

Vaping vs. the Coronavirus

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Jim Hitchcock
Jim Hitchcock

May 13, 2020

No love for Kona coffee milkshake? It’s the one flavor I love and don’t have an interest in any of the other flavors. Hope something changes here.

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