JUUL Thieves, LOL!

May 07, 2019

We just had to feature this amusing news item, if only because we couldn't resist running with the title "JUUL Thieves!"

Yup, a not-so-daring heist went down at a Circle K in Kentucky a couple weeks ago and the target was JUULs. A pair of unarmed masked bandits held up the convenience store and walked away with about $2,000 worth of JUUL e-cigs and pods.

The surveillance video shows the thieves casually walking behind the counter with remarkably little interference from Circle K employees.

“They go behind the counter and help themselves to whatever they want, just start loading up,” said Detective Mark Thomas of the Lexington Police Department.

In fact, a Circle K employee seemed more concerned with the fact that the pair were wearing masks, a "violation of store policy," than with the fact that they were blatantly stealing from behind the counter. Not surprisingly, the masked marauders ignored the employee's request to remove their masks mid-heist and kept right on scooping up their ill gotten treasure.

The police department said they have every reason to believe the pair intend to sell the JUULs, rather than keep them for "personal use." They're also asking for your help in apprehending the thieves. Call 859-253-2020 or text “CRIMES” with “LEX P-D” in the message to submit your anonymous tip to help apprehend the JUUL bandits!

Surprisingly, this is not the first JUUL heist reported. The town of Marana near Tucson, Arizona, had a rash of three such thefts last year, all occurring at the same Circle K. The stores reported the loss of about $3,000 worth of JUUL vape products. In this video, the employee behind the counter just crosses her arms and watches while the JUUL bandits jump the counter and make off with the loot. We wonder where they will strike next!

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