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U.S. Airports that Allow Vaping

August 31, 2018

U.S. Airports that Allow Vaping

    Although the iconic “no smoking” sign is still installed in most aircraft, gone are the days when it was switched off after reaching cruising altitude.  These days, vapers and smokers are hard pressed to even find an airport that accommodates them without forcing them outside.  And with the massively ramped up security involved in TSA screenings, running out to the curb for a quick vape is also no longer feasible.  While rare, there are still a few airports that accommodate vapers and smokers, you just have to know where to find them.  

    We spent the last week combing through airport websites and found more than 600 airports that are now officially smoke and vape-free including the major airports in Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston Hobby and Bush Intercontinental, Washington Reagan, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago O’Hare and Midway, New York (both JFK and La Guardia), Detroit, Mineapolis-St. Paul, Charlotte, Birmingham and Charleston.  Generally, vaping is still permitted at all of these airports in designated outside areas which means exiting the secure area of the airport, vaping on the curb and then running the TSA gauntlet back through security—a daunting task.

    Fortunately, we were able to locate four U.S. airports that still offer vapers a designated area to vape inside the airport.

1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

    This Atlanta airport is a major hub and one of the busiest airports in the United States.  It also still caters to vapers and smokers because, as airport spokesperson Myrna White wryly observed, “We’ve found that if authorized smoking areas are not provided, some passengers – especially those smokers who have just ended long international flights – find unauthorized places to smoke.”  

    No need to stealth vape in the restroom, this airport offers numerous vaping/smoking lounges throughout the airport.  You’ll find them in Concourses A, B, C, D, E and F, including one spot in the food court area and another inside Gordon Biersch restaurant (purchase required).
    Follow the link for details:

2.  McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas

    This one isn’t too surprising because, well, it’s Vegas, baby!  McCarran International has vaping/smoking areas located in the gaming lounges at gates B, C, D, and E.  You can also make your way to Barney’s Lounge at Gate C where food is also served.  If you’re early for your flight, grab a drink and a vape at the Bud Track Lounge located in the main terminal before security.

    These vape-friendly designated areas aren’t going away any time soon.  “A sizable portion of our airport users smoke,” noted airport spokesperson Christine Crews.
    Follow the link for details:

3.  Washington Dulles International Airport

    Washington Dulles is another vape-friendly airport with vaping/smoking lounges in each concourse for a total of four scattered conveniently throughout this “H” shaped airport.  You can check out a photo of one of their vaping/smoking cubicles below.  Washington Dulles makes these available “as a courtesy because there is no access to the outdoors for passengers in our midfield concourses,” notes airport spokesperson Kimberly Gibbs.  How thoughtful!

4.  Nashville International Airport

    Yup, Nashville has an in-airport Cigar Company with an adjoining vaping/smoking lounge.  Graycliff Cigar Company has two locations, one in Concourse B (near gate B-10) and the other in Concourse C (near gate C-10).  Both locations require a purchase in order to use the lounge but since it’s the only game in town, hopefully you can find something you want in their store.

We also found several airports widely reported on vaping websites to be electronic cigarette friendly.  Upon investigation, we found these reports to be outdated.

Denver International Airport

   Many websites incorrectly report that vaping is allowed at Denver International Airport.  It is claimed that you can vape at the Smoking’ Bear Lounge in the C Gates with a minimum purchase of $5.  We’re sad to report that this is outdated information.  Vaping is no longer allowed anywhere in Denver International Airport (except, of course, outside on the curb).  Smokin’ Bear Lounge is also now defunct.  Sad face. : (

Salt Lake City International

    Nope, not any more.  Many vaping websites are still listing this airport as a vape-friendly facility but this news is outdated.  Salt Lake City International now has a strict no vaping policy except “in designated areas in front of the terminals 25 feet from entrances.”  Thanks for nothing.

JFK and Laguardia Airports in New York

    Again, no.  Despite statements to the contrary on some vaping websites, we went straight to the horses mouth.  Vaping is not allowed anywhere inside the airports in keeping with the Clean Indoor Air Act of New York State.

    We hope our handy guide will help you navigate your vape breaks on your next trip.  Please feel free to take a screen grab of our infographic to keep for reference.  And keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post: international airports that allow vaping!

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