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Aspire Nautilus Prime E-Cigarette: The Unboxing Experience

When purchasing over the internet, it's nice to have a walk through of exactly what you'll receive. Check out this pictorial to get a visual peek at what you'll find inside your new Aspire Nautilus Prime e-cig starter kit.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Box & Factory Authentication

The Aspire Nautilus Prime comes from the factory in a white box.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Box

You will notice a holographic sticker on the top right of the front of the box:

Aspire Nautilus Prime Anti-Counterfeit Hologram

This is one of several anti-counterfeiting measures taken by the manufacturer to ensure that you only receive an authentic product actually made by the maker of the Aspire Nautilus Prime, a company by the name of Shenzhen Eigate Technology Co., Ltd.

Knock off products are a real concern for higher ticket items coming out of China. In our years in business, we've frequently come across inferior products being fraudulently sold under a stolen brand name. We've even seen original manufacturer packaging that has been opened and the merchandise inside replaced by a counterfeit product. This type of fraud can be hard to detect, however, for this reason, Kai's Virgin Vapor takes the extra step of only purchasing our e-cig hardware directly from the manufacturer to ensure chain of custody.

There's a second anti-counterfeiting sticker on the side of the box:

Aspire Nautilus Prime Authentication Hologram

This one features a second hologram and a "Scratch and Check" area that partially covers a QR code. The holograms are used because they can be more difficult to counterfeit. The scratch off area is present so that when you receive your Aspire kit, you can scratch off the covering to reveal the lower half of the QR code in order to authenticate your purchase with the manufacturer.

Use your fingernail or the edge of a coin to scratch off the area to reveal the full QR code:

Aspire Nautilus Prime QR Code

After revealing the code, you’ll need to use your phone’s camera to authenticate your starter kit. If you aren’t familiar with how to capture a QR code, follow this tutorial for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. For an Android phone, follow the Android QR tutorial.

Once captured, the QR code will take you to an authentication page. If successful, you’ll get a message like this:

Aspire Nautilus Prime Web Authentication

On the same page, you’ll also notice that there is a information and a short video clip to show you how to authenticate the hologram that appears next to the QR code:

Aspire Nautilus Prime Hologram

In practice, the two “A’s” are not nearly as crisp and clear as they appear in the photos and video but they can be located if you move the box around to various angles until they appear.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Starter Kit Contents

The box also shows a list of the contents of the kit and the rest of the external box is dedicated to various warnings and required statements.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Back of Box

Your Aspire Nautilus Prime comes with the following:

Aspire Nautilus Prime Starter Kit Contents

1 x Nautilus Prime 2000 mAh Mod

1 x Nautilus Prime 3.4 mL pod

1 x 0.7 ohm Nautilus 2S Mesh Coil

1 x 1.8 ohm Nautilus BVC Coil

1 x USB Type-C Cable

1 x Warning Card

1 x User Manual

We will go over each item separately below as we take a look at the contents of the box.

The Aspire Nautilus Prime E-cig

Now it is time to open the box and meet your new Aspire Nautilus Prime e-cig! After removing the protective plastic, open the box by sliding the contents out from the bottom.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Box Open

Say hello to your new Aspire Nautilus Prime E-cig!

Aspire Nautilus Prime Front View

Aspire Nautilus Prime Side View

The Nautilus Aspire Prime is a solidly built electronic cigarette. It is made of an aluminum alloy and has an attractive matte finish. The replaceable pod holds 3.4 mL of e-juice and has a built in drip tip. There is an airflow control switch and three operation buttons along with a backlit OLED screen.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Diagram

For a deep dive on the various features of this e-cig kit, check out our product features guide. You can also find detailed, step by step instructions and photos showing you how to customize your vaping experience and maximize the various features and adjustments using our How to Guide.

Included Accessories

A small plastic tab at the top of the interior divider enables you to easily lift the divider to access the accessories and instruction manual in the bottom section.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Tab

In the bottom section, you’ll find the Nautilus Prime User Manual, the charging cord, a selection of two coils and a warning card.

Aspire Nautilus Prime Contents of Box

We’ll go over each item separately.

The Charging Cord

First, the charging cord.

 Aspire Nautilus Prime Charging Cord

The charging cord is about 20.5 inches long and features a standard USB on one end that plugs into the unit with a Type-C USB. USB-C is the latest technology which is replacing older versions of the USB cable including the original Type-A USB model, the USB-B model, along with the mini- and micro-USB.

Type-C USB cords are significantly faster than older USB models and also have the nice advantage of being able to be plugged in without the need to identify which side goes up and which side goes down as it will work no matter which direction you plug it in.

What you need to know is that the cord that plugs into the unit is a USB-C, but the other end of the cord that plugs into a power source is a standard USB.

If you’re confused about USB cables, this photo tutorial will help you identify which type you have and you can then easily search for a connector, if needed, that will enable you to connect your Aspire Nautilus cable to whatever type of USB power source you will be plugging into. In general, newer computers come equipped with USB-C ports so you will need a USB-A to USB-C connector if you have a new computer.

Included Coils

Aspire Nautilus Prime Starter Kit Coils Included

Your new Aspire Nautilus Prime starter kit also comes with two coils. You’ll get one Nautilus 25 mesh coil in 0.7 ohms and one BVC Coil in 1.8 ohms.

What’s the difference? With ohms ratings, the lower the coil is rated, the more powerful the performance. So, the 0.7 ohm coil will burn hotter, produce more vapor and a bigger throat hit (that sensation in your throat that makes it feel like you are inhaling smoke). The 1.8 ohm coil will run cooler, producing less vapor and less throat hit for a smoother vape. If you want a more detailed explanation, check out our blog post on the differences between ohms ratings.

We’ve always found it irritating that the writing on these types of coils is so small that you need a magnifying glass in order to see which coil is which. We like that Aspire made the two coils easy to tell apart by looking for the turquoise or white ring around the base. The turquoise ring marks the 0.7 ohm coil. The white ring marks the 1.8 ohm coil.

In addition, once a coil is installed, the Nautilus Aspire Prime e-cig will automatically detect the ohms rating of the coil and the rating will be displayed on the OLED screen.

We recommend the 0.7 ohm coil. We find that the flavor of Kai’s Virgin Vapor vape juice flavors is generally best with this coil and you can still get a cooler vape that mimics a lower ohm coil experience by using the adjustable features of this model (more on that in our features tutorial).

Manual Mode Operation Warning Card

Aspire Nautilus Prime Warning Card

The starter kit also comes with a warning card. The card basically warns you not to operate the e-cig in manual mode unless you really know what you are doing.
This is good advice and you should listen to it! This e-cig comes with built in safety features that do an excellent job of preventing overheating of the unit and also safeguarding the coils, protecting them from becoming burnt or damaged as long as the unit is operated in the default Auto mode.

Manual mode will override these safeguards and may result in a singed coil or overheating. Manual mode is available for experienced, advanced users who know what they are doing. Unless this is you, just stick to the Auto mode. Auto mode works great and still enables you to fine tune your vaping experience to maximize flavor while also controlling vapor temperature and airflow. The people at Aspire know what they are doing and, unless you are an experience vaper, you’re not missing anything by allowing the factory settings to keep you vaping within parameters that guarantee safety.

User Manual

Aspire Nautilus Prime Manual

Last but not least, your new Aspire Nautilus Prime comes with a user manual. The manual folds out and covers general safety information and warnings, model specifications, a diagram of the components of the e-cig, basic instructions for installing a coil and filling the unit with e-juice, and a rundown of general operating instructions.

The manual is fairly well written compared to many e-cig manuals that were clearly written by individuals for whom English was undoubtedly a second language. Following along the manual, you should be able to get yourself up and running with your new e-cig starter kit in about 10 minutes.

However, some of the instructional images are quite small and, overall, the manual can feel a tad overwhelming to a vaping novice. If that’s you, we recommend you head over to our other guides and tutorials pages (listed at the bottom of this page) as we’ve made the process easier by offering step by step photos, short videos and product features guides to help you.

We’re also always only a phone call away if you need help! Call (844) 303-4545 toll free and we can help you troubleshoot if you’re having any issues.

The Aspire Nautilus Prime is a solid e-cigarette model with no major design flaws that enables novice users to enjoy the benefits of variable wattage, in particular the exceptional flavor that controlling wattage offers, without having to go to school to learn how to use it.

Please check out our Product Features Guide to learn more about the features of this e-cig starter kit. You can also use our Aspire Nautilus Prime How to Guide to learn basic operation and how to customize your vaping experience. Follow our step by step photo tutorials showing you how to refill the e-juice tank and how to change out the coils if you're ready to get started.

Happy vaping!

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